Kelsy karter brings the hits with her debut album “missing person”

Kelsy Karter showcases her highly anticipated, uncompromising debut album “Missing Person”, with her unique style of dramatic rock grandeur.

Last week, LA-based Kiwi artist, Kelsy Karter released her debut full-length album – Missing PersonFeaturing some pre-released singles, alongside some brand new songs; the record features tracks such as Stick To Your Guns, Liquor Store on Mars (which features The Struts’ very own Adam Slack), and stand out track You Only Die OnceBringing listeners into her unique and vibrant world, we are immersed in a record that is a captivating mass of theatrical rock and roll grandeur. Alongside the release, Kelsy debuted the album with a full band livestream, where she performed the record front to back live from SIR in Hollywood. So keep reading for the full review of Kelsy’s brand new album, alongside details from her full live performance. 

While the fantastically warped wonderland of Missing Person offers a much-needed escape from the everyday, the sonic world that Kelsy has created serves an even greater purpose, providing a safe space for listeners to discover their own self-acceptance. “Making this album helped me to find comfort and freedom in who I am, and I want everyone who hears it to come away with that same feeling,” Kelsy says. “I want them to feel strong in their individuality, and to stop caring about what other people think. I hope it helps them to feel both totally vulnerable and completely invincible at the very same time.” 

The perfect no-holds-bar introduction to Kelsy Karter, there is absolutely no missing her now, and certainly no doubt that she is deserving of her place in Rock Music. Solidly releasing records over the past three years, since the release of her debut single Out of Drugs; it was the mesmerizing vocal work first displayed on her single Harrythat saw her prominent emergence onto the mainstream music scene.  Her 2019 breakthrough single Harry  – a track that went viral, following Kelsy’s prank of getting a tattoo of singer Harry Styles across her face – catapulted her into the spotlight, where her intricate storytelling, vivacious vocals and joie de vivre were showcased front and centre. We were even lucky to get a stripped-back performance of the fan favourite track on the celebratory album launch!

“I started this album when I was in an extremely dark, angry and depressed place. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t recognize who I was. I was in pain and I caused pain and I hated myself for it. But through it all, I rediscovered my curiosity and my wonder. And most of all, I found myself again. Hence the title MISSING PERSON. Toward the end of writing the record the songs became more about happiness and embracing my individuality. You can hear the change in them because there was a change. It’s ok to be a little messed up. It’s ok to make mistakes and lose yourself, as long as you find your way back. I wanted to marry punk rock and musical theatre together, and this is what we got. The chaos and drama in this album perfectly represents me.”

Kelsy on the inspiration behind Missing Person

One standout off the album, however, is the punk inspired anthem Love Me Or Hate Me, that’s all about owning your own individuality. And it was this high-energy, head-banging track, that Kelsy kicked off her album launch livestream with! Looking every inch the rock princess, the energy was high, and excitement tangible. It was following this first performance, alongside another punk-rock banger Goodness Gracious, that was when we were also introduced to her incredible band The Boys With Long Hair. With there something really special about seeing Kelsy preforming live; despite not being there in person, her stage presence was cheeky, charming and larger than life, making it almost as good as a live concert. Pouring out all her heart and soul into her performance, this was particularly evident on tracks such as Villain, when the raw emotion really came through; alongside some of her other power rock ballads such as Stick To Your Guns, which Kelsy spoke about emerging from an emotional time in her life when the best advice she received was to stick to her guns, just like she always had. 

As you can probably tell, that one gets me real hard; and I’ve had a lot of tweets from you lot telling me it gets you too. So I guess it did its job.

Kelsy talking about Villain

Reimagining tracks such as her up-beat punk hit Catch Me If You Canturning it into a gentle acoustic ballad, we got to hear a different side to Kelsy that brought new dimensions and sentiment to the album. With banter, cheeky sandwich breaks and some incredible live vocals and instrumentation; Kelsy debuted her album with flare and panache. And if the livestream is anything to go by, it will most certainly be worth the wait when we will finally be able to see Kelsy perform the album live in person. 

A stunning and exhilarating compilation of songs, Missing Person is a perfect introduction to Kelsy Karter, and her bright and wonderful world. So make sure to give Missing Persons a listen, along with the rest of her discography. And to join Kelsy on her artistic journey, find her on all her socials – Twitter, Instagram Facebook

Photo credit @Sarah Pardini

Posted By Stevie Carter

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