Last week, New Zealander led Glasgow band, MOY, shared their captivating new single At My Door. Demonstrating the band’s artistic talent and versatility, the track is steeped in dreamy pop vibes that are overlaid with darker overtones, and retro style indie-rock melodies. With dynamic guitar riffs and addictive hooks, “At My Door was written about escapism, a chance encounter with someone significant who takes you to a new place, wanting to return and when you can’t, the reflection and understanding of the truth that is staring you right in the face. that you can’t go back”. To celebrate the release of the single, we caught up with the band to chat about the new track, with their trademark aura of charisma and mystery coming through! So keep on reading for the full interview, down below!

BM: Tell us a bit about yourselves, and your story and history as a band!

MOY: We are MOY, not big talkers but we spend a lot of time writing and recording music which we love.

BM: How would you sum up your sound and artistic style in three words?

MOY: Melancholic, Meaningful and Mysterious.

BM: You just released your latest single, At My Door, which is incredibly exciting! What were you wanting to say, or do, as an artist with this track?

MOY: Scream for help.

BM: A really powerful and punchy instrumental runs throughout the track. What was the inspiration and influence behind the instrumentation?

MOY: The sound of the band jamming in a room.

BM: With it being the first song you wrote this year, with all of you in the same room; how has Covid, and the separation it’s caused, impacted you as a band?

MOY: We have had to record a lot of parts remotely, but adapted to it quite quickly.

BM: What have you being doing – and how have you managed – to stay connected, inspired and creative as a band over the last several months?

MOY: A lot of recording and drawing, we have been animating our music videos and we talk to each other a lot.

BM: Tell me a bit about your overall creative process?

MOY: It differs between song to song, At My Door was written from a jam, but our last single No Talk’s The Best Chat started from a chords and melody and built up in the studio.

BM: A New Zealander led, Glasgow band; how do all of your different backgrounds come together to create the overall sound of the band. And how do you incorporate all your different personal styles into one homogamous artistic vision?

MOY: We have just been fortunate that all of our personalities and styles work together, and each member brings something unique to the pot.

BM: When it comes to your music, what is the one thing you are not willing to compromise on?

MOY: Quality

BM: What does the next year look like for MOY?

MOY: More writing until the world stops being fucked

To stay up to date with MOY, their journey, and all their latest releases; head over to their socials @wearemoy

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