On Friday, emerging Newcastle artist Andrew Cushin released his latest offering with his newest single Where’s My Family Gone. Teaming up with the legendary Noel Gallagher; the Oasis star produced the song, and got involved with the instrumental, as he can be heard to play the guitar on the track. With mature and seasoned vocals, Andrew’s stunning harmonies are set against a backdrop of emotive guitar-led melodies that draw you in to the immersive soundscape of the song. In addition to the release, Andrew also dropped a brand new music video for the track, filmed in various locations around Newcastle and directed by Dan Hepple; with the visuals telling the story of someone being conflicted between the past and the present. Ahead of the release, we sat down with Andrew to chat about his incredible journey so far, and his latest new single!

BM: Tell us about yourself and how you started on your musical career path?

AC: I’m a 20 year old lad from Newcastle that originally was obsessed with playing football for a living. The career began when my mate of who I used to coach football with attended one of my gigs (my second ever gig!) and recorded a song I wrote called Waiting For The Rain which he then sent to his friend, Noel Gallagher! Once Noel replied saying he liked the tune, we got the ball rolling and I signed a contract with my mate (Leigh) to be my manager, within 6 month we were on tour with a development contract from a major record label.

BM: What is your overall vision as an artist, and musically?

AC: I just want people to get something from my songs in the ways I got something from songs that I used to listen too. Music is a powerful thing, it pulled me from many a dark time. If my songs can do that someone else that would just be amazing.

BM: Your latest single, Where’s My Family Gone, is officially out now! Just how proud of this song are you, and what did you hope to achieve and explore with this track?

AC: I’m immensely proud of the tune. It’s became an anthem. I didn’t look to explore anything or achieve anything. I wrote this song about how I was feeling at the time, it acted as therapy to pull me from a dark period in my life. 

BM: Collaborating with none other than Noel Gallagher on the track (an incredible achievement!), what was that experience like?

AC: It was great. Noel is a true professional however I went into the studio to work, as did we all. There wasn’t any periods where I was sat in the corner with a Noel Gallagher key ring starring into the back of his head. I was in ore of the way he worked but I went into the studio with the mindset that this is my song and it needs done properly I was just fortunate that Every idea me or Noel came up with, were brilliant.

BM: Tell me more about song, and the themes you explore on the record.  

AC: The song is lyrically very personal. The track that everyone will hear on release day includes a great drum beat, an infectious bass riff and an Oasis like guitar solo. It is great.

BM: How do you see yourself within the musical landscape today?

AC: I don’t see myself any differently. I’m still just a normal lad. I’ve got the same mates, the same manager, the same everything really. Because of how early I am in what I’m hoping to become a career I don’t have a great pull on anyone in the music business just yet. The day that that changes will possibly be the day everything changes.

BM: Having released a series of fantastic singles, do you have any plans for a more extended project soon?

AC: An EP would definitely be an aspiration of mine. I suppose we will have to see how this single does first. It’s the first release under my record label, Virgin EMI. So it has the potential to be huge.

BM: For you as an artist, what has been the impact of this crazy year on your writing and creative process? How have you managed to stay creative and inspired?

AC: I’m always inspired, anyone that does music FOR A LIVING and isn’t inspired are just a total waste of space as far as I’m concerned. If an artist can’t be inspired to write a song then they should go back to working elsewhere. Me as an artist I’m in such an amazing position where music is now my life! I’ll always motivate myself to write because for one simple reason I’m doing the best job in the world.

BM: What is the next big thing you hope to achieve as an artist; and what is the next step in your musical career and journey?

AC: The next big step for me is reaching 100k Spotify streams by the end of the year. That’s for each record not collectively. We are slowly getting to that mark but in March when my debut single Its Gonna Get Better was released me and my manager set a little wager on it happening. As far as my career I just want to make a difference to peoples lives, I want my music to pull them from bad places or periods as certain songs have and still do for me.

BM: What can we expect next from you?

AC: You can expect a young geordie lad that’s gonna continue working his bollocks off until he gets where he needs to be. I’m so determined and driven to the point where this is it now. It’s not a case of if it happens, it’s a case of when. I am NOT stopping for anyone or anything, this is my life.

Such a pleasure to talk to Andrew; he is certainly on the rise, and rapidly marking himself out as an artist to watch. To continue following Andrew’s journey, and keep up with his latest news and releases; follow him on his socials @AndrewCushin

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