Leading on from her recent single London Knowswhich heralded a new and exciting era for the rising London pop artist; earlier this month, Anna Straker released her brand new single Good Days, Bad Days. With a feature on the track from Gabrielle Aplin, the single is an addictive fusion of up-tempo pop melodies alongside gentle synths and stunning vocals. This exquisite new release comes alongside Anna’s announcement of her new EP Growing Pains – set for release next month – which will feature the new single. With exciting things on the horizon for Anna, we sat down and spoke about the new and upcoming releases, and all things music!

TSU: Tell us a bit about yourself, and your journey in music so far!

AS: My name is Anna, I am a party girl living East London, my fav food is ramen noodles and I’m obsessed with platform shoes. I started playing piano when I was about 7 years old, and studied classical music for years – until I met some pop producers and moved to London to be an artist. 

TSU: How would you best describe yourself, and you as an artist?

AS: Alt-pop synth princess, big beats and honest lyrics. 

TSU: Last month, you released your track Good Days Bad Days which features Gabrielle Aplin. The track is all about recovery, healing, and finding a positive way forward. What was the process like; recording such a raw and honest song, and collaborating on the track with Gabrielle?

AS: I had so much fun writing Good Days Bad Days! It felt like such a release and helped me stay positive in an uncertain time. I actually recorded the vocal for it on the day I was fired for my job so it really helped me feel better about that too.

TSU: With such a candid, honest and emotional message behind the track; what was that like to put such a vulnerable song, and piece of yourself, out into the world. 

AS: I am so lucky to be able to put out a positive message to the world during this pandemic. I love being honest with my fans and it makes me feel less alone knowing I can speak to them through my music. 

TSU: The song has such a powerful and encouraging message, that can really be seen as anthem for hope and positivity. What is the main thing you really want people to hold onto after listening to the track?

AS: It’s hard to remember that things will get better when you’re at your lowest, so I want to remind people of the good moments to help them through the bad ones. I always forget how good I have it when I’m at my worst. 

TSU: Last week you released another new single, which has a very different vibe to Good Days Bad Days; All Falls Down. Tell me a bit about the song and the concept behind it!

AS: All Falls Down was sent to me by my friends fourteenbillion and I loved it! I had so much fun recording the vocal for it. 

TSU: Gearing up to release your brand new EP, Growing Pains, next month; what can you tell us about the project, and what we can expect musically from the record?

AS: Musically Growing Pains touches on a lot of different genres. It’s about how I’m feeling in the moment so didn’t want to be constrained to one genre! There are songs to make you dance AND cry. (Maybe at the same time?)

TSU: As a creative and artist, how have you been managing to deal with the craziness of this year; creating content such as music videos, connecting with fans and keeping the momentum going?

AS: I find it hard to be online all the time, so I try not to be too hard on myself. I do love creating content, especially when I get to sing lovely songs outside on a picnic blanket with Gabrielle hahah. 

TSU: For those who are less familiar with your music; what is the first track people should listen to, and why?

AS: London Knows, cuz it is my most honest song. 

TSU: Following your EP release next month, and heading towards the end of the year; what can we expect from you, musically, come 2021?

 AS: More music! More videos! More shows!

Such a pleasure to chat to Anna, make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the release of her upcoming EP next month! And for more on the talented singer, find her on all her socials:


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