From Mullingar, Ireland; rising singer-songwriter Flynn has been going from strength to strength, as he showcases himself as an emerging artist to watch! With his series of releases this year delivering a snapshot of his creative style and talents, there is still much more to come! Marking the next chapter in his artistic career is the release of his debut EP One of Us, which is out today! Featuring the focus song, Selling Me Love; the 5-track EP highlights Flynn’s versatility, as he incorporates a bold range of alt-pop melodies and soundscapes. Ahead of his new release, we caught up with the talented singer to chat about the record and his journey as an artist so far!

BM: How have you been? Have you been managing to stay safe and well over this past year?

FLYNN: I’ve been good thanks, obviously things have been challenging but I’m managing I think.

BM: Since your big breakthrough, which came when you were featured on Lost Frequencies’ Recognise; how have things changed for you, both in general and artistically? 

FLYNN: Quite a lot actually. That whole thing was a huge experience for me and opened so many doors for me too. I got to do my first live tv performance because of that song and now that I’ve got the first one out of the way I feel a lot more confident for the next one that comes along.

BM: What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how did that journey begin?  

FLYNN: I think I have just always wanted to prove to myself that I could do this, it’s not easy and I’ve always been driven by challenge I guess. Writing music has always been a great form of expression for me too and that’s always inspired me pursue it more and more, it’s really got me through some tough times. It began after school for me. 

BM: And now settling into that musical journey; what’s a piece of advice that you really felt you needed back when you began your musical career, but didn’t get? 

FLYNN: That you can’t always do everything yourself, and it’s ok to ask for help. It’s a collaborative effort, sometimes you need more opinions than just your own to make something really work.

BM: Raised in Mullingar, Ireland; how would you say the local music scene influenced your artistic style? And are there any local artists who you particularly love, or inspire you? 

FLYNN: Growing up in Mullingar influenced my music massively, it’s such a creative little hub and everyone is mad supportive, its class! It would be strange to talk about Mullingar and not mention Niall Horan, he’s smashed it from day one.

BM: Your just about to release your brand new EP, One of Us, which is incredibly exciting! Tell me a bit about the record, and the process behind the EP’s creation?  

FLYNN: Yeah I honestly can’t wait! I guess this record is a coming of age EP, I’ve been working on songs for years and I wanted to sort of sum up my life so far and touch on the lessons I’ve learned along the way I guess.

BM: What were you hoping to achieve, and for listeners to feel and get out of, this new EP?  

FLYNN: Hopefully that they can relate to the songs in someway and take something away from it. I always write my songs with others in mind, obviously the songs are very personal to me but I like to think that most of us have been through the same stuff, so yeah its really for everyone.

BM: How have you found the whole process of creating and releasing music during lockdown and this wild year? 

FLYNN: A bit strange because I can’t promote it like I would have liked to, but I think people need music more than ever now so it feels good to be able to provide that. I’ve written some of my favourite songs so far during lockdown so it hasn’t been a massive hindrance in that respect. I guess I’m sad and a bit fed up and I always write my best songs when I’m sad and a bit fed up…

BM: Have you managed to find ways to stay connected to the fans and music, despite not being able to do things like tour and live performances and seeing fans and people in person? 

FLYNN: If I’m being honest I’ve found it hard but luckily everyone has been so supportive and all the love everyone has been showing me has kept me going. I’ve been trying to keep on top of my social media and keep people in the loop as much as possible.

BM: What would you say is the best way to listen to and enjoy your music?

FLYNN: At night with a few beers and a low lit room, that’s when the music really comes alive for me.

An absolute pleasure to chat to Flynn; make sure to keep up with him, and all his music news, on his socials down below!


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