Over the past few years; Los Angeles-based pop singer, songwriter and producer BLÜ EYES, has been placing her mark on the music industry with a mass of vibrant singles and DJ collaborations. And this year, taking some time to focus on her own artist project; she has not only progressed as an artist, but also began self-producing her music following the release of her earlier single this year – Some DaysAnd with this steady string of stunning self-produced singles over the past year, they are all a part of her highly anticipated forthcoming debut album which is set for release next year. However in the meantime; today, the talented songstress delivered her latest musical offering with her brand new single Just Life. Ahead of the release, we sat down with BLÜ EYES to talk about the new song, life in 2020 and what we can expect next!

BM: How are you, how have you been over the last couple of crazy months? 

BE: Honestly, this time at home has given me this unique opportunity to focus on my own artist project in a way that I’ve never truly gotten to do before. It’s also given me more time with my family, which I’m super thankful for. Of course, I miss hugging my friends and going to shows, but there’s a lot about this year that’s really been a silver lining.

BM: Tell me a bit about your journey in music so far?

BE: It’s been quite the ride! I’ve gone from being a solo artist to being a songwriter, to being in a band, back to being a solo artist and learning how to produce my own songs. Each new role has taught me something new about myself, and I feel like the music I make now is better and more real because of it.

BM: You have just released your incredible new single, Just Life; how does this new track fit into your wider discography and artistic sound? 

BE: To me, Just Life is probably one of the most widely relatable songs of mine at the moment. It touches on several different experiences and points of view in the lyrics, and the sonic landscape is very easy to tap into. I think it’s a really great representation of the current era of my artistry as a whole.

BM: Tell me a bit about the inspiration and creative process behind Just Life

BE: I wrote the song almost a year ago with my incredible friends Jonny Shorr and Haley Joelle, and when we got together, we weren’t necessarily writing for my artist project. We were just trying to write an honest song about the things you would say to your past self if you were able to. When I left the studio that day, I was super happy with the song, but I didn’t necessarily think “this is mine.” I thought maybe we would pitch it to some other pop artists. But, the next day, when Jonny sent over the demo with the production sketched out, I felt it in my core. I knew I had to put it out. To this day, the more I listen to it, the more of myself I find in it, and I hope other people will too.

BM: Your debut album is set for release next year which is incredibly exciting! What can we expect from the forthcoming record? 

BE: Thank you! I am extremely excited about it. I produced most of it myself, and it’s definitely the proudest I’ve ever been of a body of work. People can expect a lot of very blunt, honest songs about my experiences over the last year or so with a warm, accessible, cinematic pop sonic landscape. 

BM: How have you found your creative and artistic process and drive has been influenced by this crazy and unexpected year?

BE: Like I said before, I think sitting at home all the time kind of forced me to really dig into my own music and dive deep into bringing these songs to life. I knew I wanted to make an album this year, but in the first two months, I was already getting distracted spending time writing for other artists, producing tracks that didn’t go anywhere, etc. So when quarantine happened, it was like, ok. It’s now or never. I have no distractions. Let’s go. Took me a few weeks to get to that place mentally – the first month of quarantine I was a wreck – but I eventually found a rhythm with it and before I knew it I had basically made an album. 

BM: What are you most excited about when we can finally get back to live performances? 

BE: I’ve never performed this music live before, ever, so I guess that will be the exciting part! Bringing it to the live show setting and seeing how people connect with it in that environment. 

BM: When you go to performing your music live, do you feel like you’re reliving those moments, or do they take on a life of their own? 

BE: I think most often, the meanings of my songs evolve as I live more life. They start to hold different significance or apply to new aspects of my life, and I think that 100% allows for more present and connected live shows in the long run.

BM: What would you say is the best way to listen to and enjoy your music? 

BE: I’d probably say in headphones, going for a solo morning walk. That’s actually how I listen to my demos and mixes to really analyze what needs to be fixed, and I feel like the songs fit well in that environment. Clear head, fresh air, and a sense of openness.

BM: Following the release of Just Life, what can we expect from you next? 

BE: More music! At this point I almost can’t stop making new music, so you’ll definitely be hearing much more from me next year. 🙂

An absolute pleasure to chat to BLÜ EYES; make sure to give her brand new single a listen, and keep up to date with her releases and artistic journey on all her socials, down below!


Photo credit @Brittany Berggren

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