Following on from her single Can’t Help Myself earlier this month, Nashville based singer-songwriter Emily Hackett is back with a brand new EP – My Version of a Love Song. A stunning 6-track EP, this new record is the next step in Emily’s musical journey; and further showcases her song writing and artistic prowess. And marking a new era of Emily’s music, My Version of A Love Song is the follow on from her earlier EPs – 2018’s By The Sun, and it’s counterpart, 2019’s By The Moon. For the full EP review, keep on reading below.

Representing what Emily calls “an eclectic compilation of love notes”, the EP brings together a medley of songs that touch upon various forms of love. Showcasing her signature emotive song-writing, and heart-on-sleeve lyricism; she highlights her diverse and genre-blending artistry and delves further into a new pop-infused sound. 

Kicking off the EP is the vibrant track Hangovers and Heartbreak, that marks the perfect introduction to her eclectic sound. With a mellow guitar instrumental beginning the record, Emily’s rich vocals gently emerge onto the sonic landscape, and glide effortlessly over the soft finger-plucked melody. A minimal and stripped back vibe, Emily’s melodic vocal cadences are accompanied by light and airy harmonies that add an emotional atmosphere to the song. And as the track progresses, we see layers of soft-rock, synth and country elements adding to the vibrant soundscape. Next up is the EP’s title track – My Version Of A Love Song. With an up-tempo pop energy, tinged with a country edge, the addictive beat is definitely one to make you dance; and the joyful melody leave you feeling positive and uplifted. Pouring out poignant lyrics, this is another example of Emily’s talent for storytelling, and shedding light on the many liabilities of being human – but in an optimistic and affirming manner.

Heading into the mid-section of the EP, Emily delivers three stunning and poignant songs that, through their captivating sonic landscapes and candid lyrics, inspire the listener to reach a deep honesty within themselves and their own lives. From the introspective track Handle, that draws on that universal experience of feeling too much for past lovers; to How The Hell – a confessional track where Emily contemplates her own life, and discusses her lack of understanding of how she ended up with her husband but regardless is grateful for their love. Her only feature on the record, we also see Emily team up with fellow Nashville band – Hardcastle – on Can’t Help Myself, that depicts an honest struggle about the difficulties of learning to love yourself.

As we delve into the final song of the EP, we end on the gentle and etherical pop track Expecting – the only new song off of the record. A stunning ode to parenthood, the track looks at a new kind of love that we haven’t seen so far on the album – parental love. As she considers her future and one day being expecting a child; she stirs up those feelings that many people experience, of having pressure – both internal and external; from friends, who you see growing up and moving forward, and family who ask you about your future life plans, and you’re not entirely sure when you’ll be ready. Also an ode to self-love, the song projects a reassuring aura of taking that pressure off of yourself, and being comfortable in loving yourself and your life now and as it is; which she emphasizes with the lyrics “Cause I’ll know when I know”.

A truly captivating record; make sure to keep up to date with Emily and all her music news and future releases, and find her on all her socials @ms_emilyhackett

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