Following the release of her debut single Taurus earlier this year; emerging singer-songwriter from Dublin, Aby Coulibaly, came back with a brand new music video for the R&B-led single. Making a spectacular debut this year, Aby is quickly highlighting herself as an emerging talent to watch.  

All about the sweetest sounding rejection of a lover, Taurus introduces us to the new sound of Aby Coulibaly; instantly making a strong impression. And showcasing her diverse and impressive vocals and artistry, Aby switches between rich soul-filled melodies and smooth rap verses.

Talking about the track, Aby explains, “Taurus is about getting over someone you were hung up on and chilling with friends because they’re the realest ones we’ve got. I wrote it after I had ended things with a guy who I really liked at the time, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted so I had told him not to waste anymore of my time and ended things. I was surprised by how easy it was for me to move on and not be upset because I had made the decision that I deserved better”.

A stunning effort from co-directors Monjola and Will Kennedy, the video for Taurus sees Aby play on the theme of the song, as she ignores her phone and tries to escape the situation. Heading to Amsterdam, we see a Aby amidst a mass of stunning montages and grainy, retro-esque footage, as she makes her way through the city; going from bight open fields to urban landscapes, performing the song as she goes. Giving off a nostalgic vibe, that perfectly complements the energy of the song, the video shows Aby giving a captivating and magnetic performance.  

To follow Aby on her rising artistic journey, keep up with her on all her socials – TWITTER & INSTAGRAM

Posted By Stevie Carter

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