clide delivers his new single ‘blank space’

With a handful of new releases over this past year; Clide is one artist who should certainly be on your radar. Following on from his earlier single fallinthe Berlin raised American singer-songwriter came back with his newest release Blank Space ,last month. Emotive and vulnerable, the track sees Clide delve into the relatable topic of self love and identity. And in addition to the single, Clide also release some beautiful visuals to accompany the track. Showcasing an individuality and idiosyncrasy to his sound and artistry, he is certainly turning heads within the industry; and is undoubtedly captivating listeners as he highlights his poignant lyricism and vocal ability, through his dazzling range of pop ballads and melodic tracks. 

Another stunning addition to his discography, Blank Space is a mellow and self-assured track that explores the profound concept of a search for identity, acknowledging where you are and where you have to go; expertly addressed through his relatable lyrics that evoke emotion and introspective feelings. As he begins to navigate and explore such themes, he does so though his sentimental lyricism as he tells his own story, and expertly showcases his songwriting prowess. With a vibrant production, the captivating soundscape draws on a blend of upbeat synths and guitar melodies that hook you from the very first note. Contrasting the buoyant instrumentation are Clide’s distant and more melancholic vocals, that add an extra layer of emotion and musical complexity to the track. 

Alongside this, is a stunning music video for the single that sees Clide walking around an empty venue space/bar as he performs the song. As he adds a new layer to the track, through his superb performance; it further emphasizes the idea of searching for ones identity, as we Clide in a variety of outfits and roles, subtly changing throughout the video. 

continuing to push boundaries and develop his unique artistic sound and style, Clide is certainly proving himself as an exciting new talent, and emerging artist to watch. To keep up with his artistic journey, and new releases; find him on all his socials @clideofficial

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