Dan Owen delivers his brand new single ‘radio tower’

Unveiling another captivating release, Shrewsbury-born singer-songwriter Dan Owen just dropped his latest offering with the release of his brand new single Radio TowerBeginning his music career, and emerging onto the music scene, in recent years; Dan has rapidly been gaining momentum, and garnering a mass of attention, as a captivating artist to watch. Projecting a unique artistic style and artistry, this has led to him reaching over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 60M streams on his 2018 debut album Stay Awake With Me. Showing no signs of slowing down, Radio Tower is the latest in his series of 2020 releases so far. 

With his new single Radio Tower, Dan delivers a powerful and emotive acoustic ballad that explores a relationship that didn’t end up working out. As it delves into the universal experience of a fallen relationship, and the neglect of a past self; the song also mirrors the disintegrating state of many seaside towns in the North of England, where the years have shown a lack of investment and resulted in the areas being sapped of its working class pride, alongside the globalisation which has seen tourism drop. And both can be seen to reflect the overarching experience of leaving behind everything one was accustomed to.

Elaborating on the single, Dan explains “Growing up is the same, though – falling in love is the same. Except, maybe it can’t last. There is just too much stacked against it. Maybe that makes it more real? When you know you’re about to lose something, you linger on every moment”.

Drawing on a stripped-back acoustic instrumentation, the song’s vibrant and immersive soundscape draws you into the poignant and emotionally charged melody that runs throughout. With a bold and guitar-led instrumental, the dazzling soundscape leans on indie and folk based genres, while having the unusual composition that features a lack of drums. Adding to the stunning sonic landscape are Dan’s powerful vocals, which makes for an overall beautifully heart wrenching piece.

Accompanying the release, Dan also dropped some brand new visuals to go alongside the track. Overlooking the beautiful English countryside, the simple yet beautiful music video shows Dan sat on the hood of his car as he delivers a captivating performance of the song. Against the enchanting background and the visual simplicity, it brings a raw and emotive energy to the song and Dan’s performance. 

To Keep up with Dan, and all his latest musical news; find him on all his socials @danowenmusic

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