Introducing Kaleem Taylor

Back with another incredible release; UK’s Kaleem Taylor is certainly one artist who should be on your radar, with his captivating and multifaceted blend of R&B artistry. Hailing from Hertfordshire, the vocalist and songwriter has been steadily garnering a mass of attention across the music scene; becoming a well-established name within the R&B/Soul sphere. Following on from his 2019 project Surfaces, and delivering a series of releases this year; Kaleem is back with his latest musical offering – his brand new 7-track EP She Knowswhich he released alongside the lead single Feel. With the release of the exiting new record, we caught up with Kaleem to chat about She Knows, his year in music, and what we can expect next from him!

BM: Hey, how are you? How have you been during this wild year?  

KT: I’m very good thank you. Of course things could be better but I’ve seen worse and I can’t complain. Let’s keep pushing. 

BM: For those who aren’t as familiar with you and your artistry, tell us a bit about yourself and your music! 

KT: My name is Kaleem Taylor and I’m an opinionated, strong willed, Aries that cares deeply about making music. As cliche as it sounds, music has really allowed me to express myself in a way that I previously struggled with. I’d say my music is honest and inspired by my own experiences. 

BM: With an impressive discography; what would you say is the first song people should listen to, to get a sense of you as an artist? 

KT: Thank you! That’s a hard question to answer though, I have favourites but I’d say “Until”.

BM: You just released your latest EP, She Knows; Congratulations! Tell us a bit about this project, and what it means to you? 

KT: Thank you! She Knows is me expressing how different women have had an impact on me throughout my life and how I’ve impacted some of theirs. The concepts go from me having love for someone for the rest of my life, to understanding why someone left me in the past. This project is important to me because of how personal it is. 

BM: What was the creative process for the EP like? And how did that process change for you, with the current situation this year? 

KT: To be honest, at times it was very stressful but none of that stress came from a lack of creativity or the current situation. The stress came from me damaging my throat. I was ill and I rushed back to recording and it resulted in me not being able to sing for a few months. Aside from that, I loved being alone in the studio, looking within and finding a way to get the message out. I loved the process. 

BM: A stunning 7-track record; is there a particular stand out song for you on She Knows?  

KT: My favourites have changed a few times so I can’t just say one song. I love the whole project. It depends on how I feel. 

BM: Following on from She Knows, what can we expect from you next, musically? 

KT: I have a few plans, some features, some random songs that didn’t make the project, but really the focus is an album.

BM: Having shared stages with RnB royalty such as Miguel and Boyz II Men, what was that experience like? Are there any other artists you’d love to collaborate, tour, or share the stage with? 

KT: It’s been incredible. Some of these artists are people I’ve grown up trying to sing along to, so to share a stage is a blessing. The idea of a collaboration is something I’ve been flirting with for a while and I know my people want me to try some new things. There are some plans to do so but if I could choose a dream collab right now it would be Jazmine Sullivan or Frank Ocean. 

BM: Who do you site as some of your main artistic influences and inspirations? And how have you managed to maintain that creativity, and stay inspired, this year? 

KT: There’s so many names I could say; D’Angelo, Jazmine Sullivan, Joe, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, there’s too many. As crazy as this year has been though, I’ve got a lot I want to talk about and I feel like some of the best things happen when the pressure’s on, so thankfully I’ve been able to find the light and keep creating through the darkness. 

BM: As we begin to head towards 2021, what are some of your main goals for next year?

KT: My main goal at all times is to progress. More music, more experiences, a show to connect with my people, some features and an album. That would be a good 2021 for me.

To keep up with Kaleem Taylor and his artistic journey, find him on all his socials – TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM

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