Introducing Kaya Stewart

London-born, Los Angeles raised artist Kaya Stewart has been making a huge impact within the music industry, as a rising indie-pop artist to watch. Finding her place within the Los Angeles creative scene over the last several years; she has established herself as a dynamic and vibrant performer and artist, as she works to re-define what it means to be a pop artist. The latest in her artistic career, Kaya recently released her newest single I Hate Falling In Love; that makes a perfect addition to her growing sonic collection. And at the end of last month, she followed up the single with the release of a brand new remix of the track. With an exciting journey ahead, we sat down with the talented singer to catch up on her latest release, and what’s in store for her next. 

BM: Tell me about your journey in music so far? 

KS: It’s been a pretty crazy! It all started with ‘In Love With A Boy’ which feels like a millions years ago, but having a song give me the platform to really grow and change as an artist has been really incredible. I’ve had so many cool experiences and opportunities. I feel as I get older, my music does too, so it’s always exciting to see where it’s going to take me next. 

BM: What has been the most influential moment of your musical career so far? 

KS: There’s been so many incredible moments, but I would say I learned the most from Warped Tour. I feel like after that, I can do anything! 

BM: For those who aren’t as familiar with you and your sound; how would you describe your music in three words? 

KS: Bold, Honest, and Vibey 🙂 

BM: With an impressive, and growing, discography; what would you say is the first song, or the most important song, of yours that people should listen to? 

KS: I always say it’s my most recent because it’s who I am in that moment. Right now, I would say, I Hate Falling in Love

BM: How does the creative process work for you when writing and creating new music? 

KS: It depends! Sometimes I’ll get an idea for a song and have to pull the car over and sing it into my voice memos, and other times, it takes me 2 weeks to finish 1 song! I always try to get in the studio at least once a day, but it’s up and down! 

BM: Congrats on your new single I Hate Falling In Love! Tell me about the single, and the meaning behind the track. 

KS: I Hate Falling in Love is about all those crazy emotions and feelings when you fall in love for the first time. It was a track that felt so honest and important of me to get off my chest… kind of like therapy lol. 

BM: Where did the creative idea and process for the track begin? 

KS: I actually had no idea what I was going to write about that day! I was in the studio with my brother Sam and my boyfriend Miles and it all just started pouring out. We had the songs done in just a couple hours! 

BM: You also released an incredible new video for the track! Where did the concept for the video come from; and what was the process like, filming in the current climate? 

KS: The video was actually shot and directed by my friend Tyler! It was definitely a challenge due to quarantine, but we were able to shoot the video with just a small team and were all really careful! We’ve always had such similar ideas and concepts and it was really cool to see them come to life! 

BM: How does I Hate Falling In Love fit into your wider discography. 

KS: I’m always changing and growing. I feel like my current music is always a reflection of how I am really feeling, or experiences I’m really having at that point in my life! 

BM: As we head into 2021; what do you hope to achieve over the next year? 

KS: There’s so much new music that I can’t wait for people to hear… and I’d love to be able to perform live again! Who knows how long that will be but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

With more exciting things on the horizon for Kaya, make sure to keep up with her on all her socials – TWITTER, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM

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