SKAAR delivers her brand new single ‘The Scientist’

Following the release of her highly anticipated debut EP, The Other Side of Waitingearlier this year; at the start of this month, emerging Alt-Pop artist SKAAR delivered her brand new single – The Scientist. Paying tribute to Coldplay, with her take on their classic hit The Scientist; SKAAR is rapidly garnering international acclaim and solidifying her status as an exciting new artist to watch. Following the release of her latest single, we sat down with SKAAR to talk about her new track, and the musical influence Coldplay have had on her; the inspiration behind the song, and her career in music so far. 

BM: How are you, how have you been? 

SKAAR: Hello! I am doing okay! Things are weird with Corona, and life is looking pretty different from what I expected. But I am hanging on, still going strong!

BM: For those that haven’t heard of you yet, how would you best describe your sound, and who have been your biggest influences so far? 

SKAAR: My music is energetic and big, but also vulnerable and tiiiiny. I feel it has an indie touch and twist, and hopefully pop with an edge. My musical influences growing up were definitely Coldplay and Foo Fighters. When I grew older the ‘family’ started to expand, and I discovered Banks, Florence + the machine, Bon Iver, Aurora and the list goes on.. These artists are still my biggest influences!

BM: What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music? 

SKAAR: For sure things happening in my life and in my friends and family’s lives. I also get very inspired by series and movies. And space. And big questions in life. Basically everything!

BM: You just dropped your brand new single The Scientist – an ode to Coldplay, as you place your own interpretation on the Coldplay classic. Tell me a bit about the track, and the inspiration behind it!

SKAAR: Well, I have always loved Coldplay. Like really, really loved them. I’ve thought of covering them for a long time, and now after finishing and releasing my EP I felt like it was the perfect time to do it. ‘The Scientist’ is one of the first songs I heard from Coldplay, and probably the first song that really made me want to do music myself. So when I asked people on my Instagram which Coldplay song they wanted me to cover, the overwhelming answer was ‘The Scientist’. Perfect coincidence!

BM: What was the vision you had for the new single? 

SKAAR: I wanted to bring out the vulnerability of the track with emphasizing the beautiful melodies and lyrics. Giving the vocals space to unfold, and creating an atmosphere in the production that suits everything else.

BM: Tell me a bit about your musical relationship with Coldplay, and the influence they’ve had on you and your musical sound.  

SKAAR: I grew up with Coldplay and have always loved them. My sister showed me their music when I was little, and since then I have been very fascinated by their sound and song writing. I’ve realized that their melodies and chords have influenced my tonality to a large extent. I wouldn’t be the songwriter I am today without them.

BM: After the release of this new single, do you have another project in mind? 

SKAAR: I have another project in mind, and I am already working on it! Very fun things, will tell you about it later hehe 😉

BM: How have you found this year as an artist and creative? 

SKAAR: I haven’t written a lot until now, but I have been making plans for the future and what I wanna say and write about. I’ve been working as a health care worker on the island I grew up on, just to earn enough money to keep working on my music! Corona sucks :/

BM: As 2020 draws to an end, what are some of your goals and inspirations for 2021? 

SKAAR: I wanna make more music, be happy, hang out with people that I really love and care about, and just do whatever the fuck I want. And be kind to myself!! Yey!

Perfectly revamping a Coldplay classic, SKAAR is highlighting another layer of her diverse artistic sound and style. For more on SKAAR, and all her latest news; keep up with her exciting musical journey on all her socials @skaarofficial

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