Hiko Momoji releases his brand new music video for ‘self-test’

Building upon the release of his latest single self-test, released earlier this year; today, artist, producer and singer Hiko Momoji delivers the brand new music video for track. Growing up in London, Hiko emerged onto the music scene in 2016; making his breakthrough the following year when producing for Khalid’s debut album American Teenresulting in a Grammy nomination. Drawing his inspiration from the likes of vibrant and leading electronic artists such as Daft Punk and Calvin Harris; Hiko has been honing his craft, and developing his unique sonic sound and style.  

“self-test is really just about testing yourself, you always gotta keep yourself on your toes and analyze and test yourself. “Why you doing this? Why am I behaving this way?” Once you do that, you’ll learn a lot you didn’t before”.

With a vibrant explosion of dazzling colour, the visuals match the intensity of the track; drawing you further into the sonic world of the song. Fast-paced and set under bright city lights, the video sees Hiko and his friends riding around the street of London in luxurious cars, whizzing though glimmering cityscapes as they go. Delivering a blend of rapid cuts and cryptic videography, the pulsating visuals mirror the energy of the thrumming synths that feature throughout the song; blending perfectly with Hiko’s subtly vocoded vocals. 

With the promise of even more music to come in 2021, Hiko Momoji is certainly an exciting rising artist to keep an eye on. For all his latest news and new music releases; find Hiko on all his socials:


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