Ferdous ‘For My Own Sake’

Today, Afghan-Dutch artist, writer and producer Ferdous (formerly of cult Pop duo Klyne) releases his brand new debut EP, For My Own SakeAnd featuring on the project is his pre-released single, and final track off of the record, Wish The Times Were Better. Highly anticipated, the mesmerising six-track EP is a stunning and captivating record containing a plethora of vibrant and atmospheric electronic-led songs; delivering a poignant response to the crazy year we’ve all had, and these unprecedented times of uncertainty.

Opening the record is the dynamic and ethereal title track – For My Own Sake. An immersive and intoxicating song, the vibrant and atmospheric soundscape is the perfect introduction to the record, bringing you deep into the sonic world of the EP. Talking about the record, Ferdous explained: “I feel like each day when I wake up I’m a different person. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but it’s something I wanted to be honest about with my first EP as a solo artist”.

Following the stunning and enchanting introductionFerdous delves into a more distinctive electronic realm and up-tempo vibe, with subtly vocoded vocals and an addictive electro-pop beat running throughout on track number two – Overdrive. Providing a distinctive and additive energy, Ferdous maintains this same sound into track number three; Gravity. As we continue to make our way through the EP; the nest two tracks – Counting Stars and Stillness – showcase a different side to Ferdous’ artistry. Maintaining a strong electronic influence; Gravity introduces a new, subtle, dance element to the EP, with Counting Stars giving off a pulsating and reverberating synth-led soundscape.

“I made these songs over the span of three years after putting Klyne aside and while it’s hard to imagine how many highs and lows I’ve been through in this period, it’s painfully evident for me when I hear back these songs. Each one is some sort of tiny glimpse of the person I was during that moment, when I was at my best and at my worst. I was constantly changing and I feel nervous about sharing this change, but right now this EP is the most accurate representation I could possibly give for myself as an artist and a person”.

As the record comes to a close, the EP plays out its final notes with the pre-released single Wish The Times Were Better. With a rhythmic beat and mellow introduction, the track delivers a delicate and emotive response to the crazy times we have all found ourselves in; making a perfect outro for the project, and encapsulating the tone of the themes and artistry we heard on the EP.

“I’m euphoric about sharing this music with you and being able to get closure from a past life this way and I wish the same for anyone else who’s trying to let go of the person they no longer are.”

A dazzling EP from start to end; make sure to keep up with Ferdous, and all his latest music releases, on his socials @ferdousmusic

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