Josie Proto delivers her brand new Ep: ‘Oh What A Godawful Stupid Idea’

Today, Brit-Pop newcomer Josie Proto shares her sophomore EP Oh What A Godawful Stupid Ideathe follow on from her debut EP PUB SONGS: Volume 1 released last year. Leading on from the pre-released single Kids TV earlier this month, the record is a captivating 5 track project; featuring, and released alongside, its playful lead single Terrible Idea and a vibrant mix of pre-released songs. Delivering her signature bedroom-pop sound and playful tongue-in-cheek lyricism, the EP is the latest example of Josie’s unique style and artistry and brings us further into her artistic world. Inspired by British Pop legends such as Kate Nash; Josie has been paving her way to success following her emergence onto the music scene last year, with her debut single BTEC Lily Allen. Since then she has been going from strength to strength, capturing the attention of millions (including the likes of Lily Allen) and already amassing over 750K Spotify streams with her sharp and amusing song writing. 

Talking about the record, Josie explains it’s: “probably the most juxtaposing EP to ever grace the planet. It’s full of my shower thoughts that have somehow wound up in stories of how I think I want to live my life. Just like my brain, it doesn’t really make sense. If you want warm and fuzzy, I have a song for that, if you want attitude and female empowerment, I got one for you, if you want angry and sad, click play… It goes on. This EP is just an extension of the work that I am dying for everyone to hear”

Opening the EP is the brand new track, and lead single, Terrible Idea. A perfect start to the record, Terrible Idea explores the age-old and universal experience of making the mistake of going back to an ex when you never thought you would. In her classic tongue-in-cheek manner, Josie pokes fun at her bad decision-making skills through her humorous lyricism and the tracks jovial, up-tempo melody. Beginning the song with a bold organ instrumental, the soundscape rapidly progresses into a cheeky and addictive melody, with her vocals mischievously dancing across a bed of flirtatious guitar chords. 

As we make out way through the EP, we have a vibrant mix of pre-released singles from the recent Kids TV to Champagne Fizzles. Following on from Terrible Idea, Kids TV delivers a more mellow, yet still bubbly, energy; with the song emerging out of a frustration Josie experienced with the idea that getting rid of all sense of fear and unhappiness is healthy. Particularly poignant, and stemming from the impact the current pandemic has had on us all, Josie explains: “it came about in a similar way to ‘Burner’ where we were ranting about our current situations, specifically about scrolling through Facebook and seeing people making out as if the pandemic was not something to worry about. We were frustrated with the fact that people seem to think that eradicating all sense of fear, unhappiness and unrest is healthy. […] We want to normalise being unhappy and having bad days. We felt it was damaging living in a society that is pristine like a kid’s TV show, when what people really need to see is reality and the bad bits”.Bringing the record to a close is her lively single, I Bet You Fall Apart; released last year. Delivering more relatable narratives and witty lyricism, the track is an ode to those who have had the unfortunate experience of an awkward breakup; and the experience of trying to save face and ensuring you come out of the relationship with your pride unhurt. 

“It is about getting the ‘ick’! .That feeling when you know that you’re both losing interest and the relationship is coming to an end whether you like it or not, and to save yourself the embarrassment you want to get it over and done with before they do. It’s a snooty-nose and selfish song about coming out of a relationship looking the best.

Josie talking about I Bet You Fall Apart

With 2021 set to be a remarkable year for Josie, she is certainly one of this year’s, and a rising newcomers to watch. So be sure to keep up with Josie and all her latest releases for more incredible music to come @josieproto

Posted By Stevie Carter

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