WIld Youth continue to shine with their latest new release ‘Can’t Say No’

Coming off the back of their earlier 2021 release Champagne Butterflies, rapidly rising Irish indie-pop band Wild Youth unveiled their latest new banger Can’t Say No earlier this month. Another incredible release, Can’t Say No is taken from their forthcoming new EP Forever Girl – set for release later this month – and is part of a brand new chapter for the band. Continuing to hone and develop their craft and artistry, the band have been going from strength to strength since their musical debut in 2017; consistently building a solid fanbase through their unforgettably catchy choruses and dazzling instrumentals that leave listeners wanting more. And with a steady stream of anthemic tracks such as Move On and Through the phoneCan’t Say No is certainly no exception! 

Opening the track with an atmospheric and indie-rock inspired instrumental, the steadily building melody bring us into a vibrant sonic fusion of indie, disco, funk, and R&B generic elements; expanding on the band’s signature and irresistible indie-pop sound to create an explosive and dynamic eclectic track. With quick witted lyricism, gritty, hypnotic rhythms and addictive percussive beats; the darker and moody textures draw us further into the emotive and immersive nature of the track, delivering a perfect reflection of the song’s main themes, as Can’t Say No sees the band confidently calling out an unfaithful partner. Doused in grandeur and opulence, rich rhythms weave their way throughout the foot stomping chorus with its ground-shaking potency, with a compilation of pulsating rhythms, funky guitar lines and glimmering synths bringing the instrumental to a remarkable peak.

Another incredible release from Wild Youth, we are sure to be in for more exciting new music from the band as they prepare for the release of their upcoming record Forever Girl. With more releases on the horizon and a brand new EP still to look forward to, Can’t Say No is sure to continue Wild Youth’s captivation of audiences across the globe and herald this new era of their musical journey. 

For more on Wild Youth, make sure to keep up with them, and all their latest news, by heading over to their socials @bandwildyouth

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