AJR Deliver Their Brand New Single ‘Way Less Sad’

Back with another incredible release; last week, multiplatinum indie pop trio AJR released their new single, and accompanying video for their brand new track, Way Less Sad. Their first release of the year, the New-York based band, comprised of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, have come back with a bang as they head into their best year yet.  With Way Less Sad to be featured on their upcoming fourth studio album OK ORCHESTRA, out late next month, the trio describe the forthcoming project as the most sonically experimental and emotionally raw album they’ve ever made. Writing, producing, playing and singing everything themselves, the band have rapidly captured and charmed listeners around the world with their catchy, indie alt-pop brand of artistry. And Way Less Sad is no exception. 

Talking about the latest release, the band explain:

“‘Way Less Sad’ is a song about how we’re really feeling in this moment. So much of last year felt apocalyptic and this year we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things aren’t back to normal yet but we should be celebrating the small wins, even if they seem trivial.”

Fuelled by a euphoric and uplifting instrumentation, the song radiates positive vibes and hope for a brighter future. With their classic sound and style, the song opens with a smooth and jazzy piano melody before delving into a captivating and vibrant sonic landscape, surfacing with jovial pop textures and irresistible brass hooks. Giving off a truly infectious and irresistible energy, the song has a bold and anthemic sound and is no doubt an absolutely perfect alt-pop banger for current times! However, despite its dazzling vitality and addictive instrumentals, it’s the lyrics and narrative that truly impress and resonate on this track. All about the feelings and emotion we – and the band – are dealing with at the moment, it embraces this in a relatable and realistic way. With the lyrics “No I ain’t happy yet/ But I’m way less sad”, it captures the current reality of, especially in this climate, acknowledging that you don’t go from depression to feeling good in a day; but we’re all looking to a more positive year ahead and being a little less sad. 

Alongside the track, the band also delivered a stunning new video to go with it; embracing the vibe and energy of the song. Known for incorporating their New York City roots into the creative vision of their music videos, in the new visuals for Way Less Sad, they can be seen performing at a number of iconic New York City locations -including the TWA terminal at the John F. Kennedy International Airport and the Central Park Carousel – as they vibe out to the music and deliver their signature AJR energy and aesthetic. 

A fantastic new single and just what we needed, Way Less Sad gives us an exciting glimpse into their highly anticipated fourth studio album and what’s to come from AJR. So make sure keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next instalment from the talented band, and keep up with them on all their socials @ajrbrothers

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