AJR release their brand new album OK ORCHESTRA

Comprised of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met; the trio, who make up the dazzling indie-pop band AJR, continue to captivate the attention and hearts of listeners around the world with their infectious chemistry and irresistible, anthemic bangers. Following on from their incredible series of releases, and having racked up an impressive billion plus streams worldwide; last week, they came back with the release of their fourth full length, self-produced, 13-track album OK ORCHESTRA that features their recent hit single Way Less Sad and their chart topping hit BANG!. The latest taste of their vibrant artistry and sonic style, OK ORCHESTRA is AJR’s brand new hit record that will be sure to featuring on all your favourite playlists. 

Talking about the record and the process behind it, Ryan explained: “I think we definitely got closer. In times like these, you realize what values are important. There are a lot of things you can live without, but you can’t live without family. We really tried to create a world on this album. With each record, our fanbase has grown steadily. Their support made us more confident to invite them into this space. We really embraced who we are, and it’s the most diverse album we’ve ever made. It’s got some of our happiest and most jovial songs. It’s got some of our saddest and angriest songs. We’re expanding what we do. It’s exciting.” 

Delivering the latest taste and expression of their sound and artistry, OK ORCHESTRA kicks things off with their brand new release OK Overture on the first track. Setting the scene for the record and bringing us into this new sonic world, the eclectic and unpredictable intro OK Overture is a melting-pot of everything we can expect to get from an AJR album. Exactly as the title suggests, OK Overture acts a vibrant overture for the album, feature a range of vocal accompaniments, as they bring together a diverse array of melodies – appearing to sample from each track on the album – to create an unforgettable and perfect introduction to the record. 

Drawing upon such a vast manner of themes, musical influences and sonic styles, the album is ever surprising. Yet one thing that is an undoubtable constant throughout is the classic and signature AJR sound and energy that brings all the disparate elements of each track together. From exploring themes of dating, politics and general observations of the world around them against an a jazzy and groovy instrumental on 3’O Clock Things, to the big band orchestral moments on Humpty Dumpty, and the sentimental melodies of My Play; we are immersed and drawn further into the world of OK ORCHESTRA through the relatable lyricism and unique flavours – touching upon both new and old sounds – that come together to create something entirely new and utterly captivating, dealing with many of the thoughts, feelings and matters that a lot of us have faced and can relate to. 

An overall incredible new release from AJR, this is certainly not one to miss and features some incredible pop-led bangers that will be perfect for all your summer playlists. So make sure to check out OK ORCHESTRA on all your favourite platforms and find the band on all their socials to be the first to hear about all their latest news and releases – @ajrbrothers

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