Lewis Knaggs Brand New EP – ‘Dreaming When You’re Gone’

Back with another incredible release, today, rising UK singer-songwriter Lewis Knaggs delivers his brand new debut EP Dreaming When You’re Gone alongside the release of the lead single Shoulder to Shoulder. Following on from the success and acclaim he achieved last year with his series of captivating singles, his brand new 5-track record and first extended project strikes the perfect balance of skilled songwriting, poignant lyricism and immersive indie-rock artistry as he brings us further into his unique sonic world. Featuring previous releases Hold On, Runaway and I’ll Survive, the EP is an incredible new record from the cinematographer turned musician and is certainly not one to be missed. 

Opening the album and kicking things off on a bold and powerful note is Lewis’ 2020 release Hold On. Introducing the EP, Hold On is a dazzling and anthemic single that is all about looking back at your life and learning from both the good and bad times. Delivering a resonant instrumental and soundscape that perfectly captures Lewis’ sound and style, the melody keeps the bold piano composition at the heart of the instrumentation with it driving the melody forward. Emotive and sensational, Hold On truly has the listener dive into the project head first. Following on from this, the next two tracks on the EP are the two additional pre-released singles Runaway and I’ll Survive, both showcasing a different side to the artist, with I’ll Survive being more gentle and ambient and Runaway seeing Lewis lean into the more rock element of his sound. 

As we head towards the end of the record, we get to the first new release and brand new single Shoulder to Shoulder. Emotional and intricate, Shoulder to Shoulder again gives off a unique sound and energy as he delivers a captivating ballad that perfectly pairs poignant lyrics being told through Lewis’ trademark raspy vocals. Speaking about the single, Lewis explained: “This song is about finding yourself again after the end of a relationship. Romantic or otherwise. It’s about wishing the best for that other person almost more than yourself. Any relationship you dive into shapes who you are. It’s a song about respecting that and sending love to the other person, even though they may be thousands of miles away physically”. And finally, the record ends on the title track Dreaming When You’re Gone, that builds to a crescendo with a stunning piano melody and string accompaniments, playing the EP out on a harmonious vocal note from Lewis.

Explaining the meaning behind the EP, Lewis shared:

“I love it when an EP or album just flows nicely and you hear what song is coming next once you’ve listened to it a couple of times. I’m hoping it feels like that for people. Collectively they cover the range of sounds I want to explore with the music I make, it’s got a bit of everything in there other than synths. Lyrically they’ve all been written at a time when making music has really helped to navigate through life. The ups and downs of losing friends, family and love. I’ve put it all in there.”

To keep up with Lewis, his journey and all his latest music news; find him on all his socials  @LewisKnaggsfilm

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