LEADR accompanies his new single ‘Hi, I’m Human’ with the release of some stunning new visuals.

Born in Tampa, raised in New Jersey and now based in Los Angeles; multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and director Alexander Tang, better known by his stage name LEADR, is back today with the release of the brand new music video to accompany his recent single Hi, I’m Humanwhich he released last week. Launching his career, and beginning his musical journey back in 2018 with his debut release Wavesthe highly talented Vietnamese-American artist has since been going from strength to strength, honing and developing his craft, as he solidifies himself as a rising artist to watch within the indie queer-pop music scene as he delivers his euphoric, therapeutic and nostalgic sound and style. 

His first release of the year, Hi, I’m Human delivers a powerful message that is particularly poignant amidst the spate of racial injustice and a wave of increased violence against the Asian American community. With a stunning narrative that focuses on choosing empathy and love over division and hate, the track gives off an enchanting and expertly crafted production that brings you deep into the ethereal and mesmerizing sonic landscape. And presenting a perfect fusion of atmospheric synths, rhythmic electronic beats and his own glimmering vocals; the entire composition comes together to create something truly special and utterly unique. 

Following on from the single release last week, LEADR came back today with some poignant new visuals to accompany the track. Produced by Gianluca Buccelleti (Arlo Parks, Lana Del Rey), the music video is both a cinematic vision and emotional journey that takes viewers from the depths of despair to the bliss of self-actualization with simple but effective (visual) storytelling. Speaking on the message and timing of the video, LEADR took a moment to acknowledge the recent string of attacks on Asian Americans and that this song is dedicated to those victims.

“As a community, AAPI needs to start sharing their stories. Using my voice, I hope that my song builds awareness to be careful with the words you choose. Our words do lift or they can destroy. We all suffer and seek love and validation. Let’s take united against racism, hatred, violence, and bullying. We’re all human.”

Another incredible release, we are sure to be seeing more great things from LEADR throughout the rest of 2021. So make sure to keep up with the talented artist on all his socials @leadrmusic

Photo Credit – Stella Chyun

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