Delving into music with rising artist Ella Rosa

Hailing from Henley-On-Thames, rising artist Ella Rosa has been placing her stamp on the music scene since the release of her debut Spotify upload at just 16 years old. Making her musical debut last year with the release of her smooth and captivating single Myself, garnering her a significant amount of industry support, Ella has since delivered an incredible series of releases – including an array of dynamic singles and her debut EP Yellow Blazer. Back with a bang this year and showing no signs of slowing down; today, Ella releases her brand new single Englishman in New Yorka reimagining of the iconic song by Sting. Another fantastic release and glimpse into her sonic world, this is only the beginning for the talented artist. Ahead of the release, we caught up with Ella Rosa to chat about the single, life over the past year and her journey so far. So keep on reading for the full interview down below. 

BM: How are you, how have you been? 

ER: I love the question, normally you just get right into it but I love the check-in! Today I’m feeling super gassed about this release and the support I’m receiving is really humbling so I feel kind of emotional but in a happy way!

BM: Tell me a bit about your journey in music so far? 

ER: To say the very least it has been a rollercoaster but I can confidently say I feel like I have found my groove!

BM: Hailing from England, now based out in LA, how would you say being out in Los Angeles has influenced you as an artist?

ER: I would say England feels like home to me and it has taught me how to be on my A game and that music can be a solid career pop!

BM: You’re just about to release your brand new single Englishman In New York! A reimagining of Sting’s original track, what was it about the song that drew you to it?

ER: Well this song has a lot of history for me as I listened to this when I first moved to NY at the age of 11…I’ve always been a fan of ‘The Police’ and Sting’s career path has been an inspo to me since I started in music.

BM: Putting your own stunning spin on the track and coming back with something truly captivating and unique; what were the main things you drew inspiration from and incorporated from the original song?

ER: Stunning? Love you for saying that!! I’m obsessed with jazz so I definitely had to keep that element in there. I also wanted to incorporate my own lofi/ chill beat element to it as well.

BM: What does having this single out in the world mean to you?

ER: It honestly feels like a full circle to me as it reminds me of the times when I would sit on the subway going nowhere being really alone in NY and feeling a little hopeless in my life. Fast forward to now, I couldn’t feel more aligned with where I’m supposed to be!

BM: The first taste of the brand new music you’re set to release this year, what can you tell us about what’s to come and what listeners can expect?

ER: With this EP so much has changed in my life and a lot has been documented. As a musician I’m always trying to level up and constantly exploring the perimeters in which I can create music and I think that this offering displays my development as a musician.

BM: How would you best describe your artistic sound and style?

ER: I would say it’s Pop/R&B…I take most of my inspiration from strong female R&B powerhouses.

BM: Do you tend to have a particular creative or artistic vision in mind when creating music or do you follow where your inspiration takes you?

ER: Honestly when I know I’m gonna have a creative day, I meditate on the feelings I’ve had that week or month and most of the time inspiration hits.

BM: Do you have any particular goals in mind, artistically and/or career-wise that you’re hoping and aiming to achieve?

ER: I’m dying to go on tour next year!! I wanna write for more artists too! 

Such a pleasure to chat to the lovely Ella Rosa, make sure to find her on all her socials @itsellamusic

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