Talking about Music with rising artist George Eve

Making his emergence onto the music scene as a solo artist back in 2019, with the release of his debut single My Girl –  having previously started his musical journey with the 4-piece band Joy Room; rising artist George Eve has since been honing his craft and capturing the attention and hearts of listeners all around the world with his steady stream of dazzling singles that showcase his vibrant brand of alternative based artistry. Back last month with his second release of the year, George took a leftfield turn into the realm of lo-fi, bedroom indie-pop, with his latest single I Don’t MindTaken from his upcoming debut EP Burger The Exit, which is set to follow later this month; this is the newest taste of what’s to come from the talented singer-songwriter. 

“‘I Don’t Mind’ was recorded outside as a quick demo,” says George about the single. “You can hear birds at the beginning of the track. It was a simple acoustic song with an ‘everything’s gonna be alright sentiment’ holding two fingers up to anxiety and procrastination. I really liked what I caught in the demo, so for the next few months I tried to recreate it to improve the recording quality. However it was impossible. I ended up editing the out-of-time guitar and the drums, which were recorded with one mic in my attic, to be in time with the vocals. It was a serious piece of computer based editing, but it kept the original vibe that felt so special.”

Following the release, we sat down with George to chat about I Don’t Mind, his music and what we can expect from him next. So make sure to keep on reading for the full interview down below. 

BM: Tell us a bit about yourself, what’s the first thing people should know about your music and you as an artist? 

GE: Hey, I’m called George Eve and I am alive. I make music for art and my methods and outlook are constantly evolving and changing. So watch this space if you would like to follow my journey. 

BM: What have you found the most rewarding part of your musical journey so far and being an artist and creative? 

GE: It was really rewarding to finish this body I’m currently putting out. It was mostly self produced, so I ended up teaching myself a lot technically and creatively on the journey. It’s freed me to know what I am and what I am not. So I feel the journey is the reward and to me it feels like just the beginning of a long journey.  

BM: How do you usually go about the whole creative process – do you have a more methodical approach or does it differ from project to project?

GE: To produce tracks on your laptop you have to get methodical. But you’re always kind of chasing the freedom of a pure moment that isn’t methodical at all. So it’s a bit of a jig you do with yourself, putting on different hats. I don’t think the methods I used to create ‘Burger The Exit’ were the most efficient, creative or inspiring for what I want to achieve. So I’m changing my approach and I think it will constantly be changing. 

BM: You just released your fantastic new single I Don’t Mind earlier this month! What were you wanting to achieve or say with this track? 

GE: That was created differently to the rest of my upcoming EP. It was created with immediacy and I left it raw. I wanted to achieve that raw energy/vibe and also convey a truth in the lyrics that reflected something I had learned the day I wrote the song. I think I did achieved everything I wanted in that track. The lyrics and the vibe say it all. 

BM: With a really unique and captivating instrumentation, can you tell us a bit about the process and inspiration behind song’s sonic composition? 

GE: It was recorded as a demo and I never endeavoured to make it good enough to release. Everything was basically recorded terribly and the timing was off as well. But something was captured in my crap demo that I couldn’t recapture when I tried to redo things better. I eventually had to give in to the demo and all its idiosyncrasies. So I ended up editing and polishing it into the releasable version that you hear today. 

BM: A single taken from your forthcoming debut EP Burger The Exit, set for release next month, what can you tell us about the exciting new project? 

GE: It’s rock songs with programmed hi hats, live drums, horns, synths, sampling, resampling and whatever else you can do with a laptop. Basically an EP of songs I wrote on a guitar with as many modern production tricks as I could fit in and as many old production tricks as I could fit in too! 

BM: Where do I Don’t Mind and Burger The Exit fit into your ever growing discography and the sonic direction you’re wanting to head in? 

GE: I think I don’t mind is closer sonically to where I am heading and Burger The Exit is a body of work that will represent a huge learning curve for me. It’s kind of a case study in what I could create with a laptop in a room. Next I want to create with more immediacy and I’m happy that I have picked up a lot of tricks from producing Burger The Exit that I’m sure will come in handy for ever. 

BM: Are there any particular themes, genres or sonic styles you’re hoping to explore and delve into going forward in future projects that you haven’t done so yet? 

GE: I want to return to recording a band playing live. I’m loving radiohead, the red hot chilli peppers and QOTSA. So right now creatively I’m focusing on lyrics and song writing and am looking forward to collaborating more when it comes to production and recording. 

BM: What inspired you to pursue music as a career? 

GE: Music is an amazing art form and it moved me when I was young. Like it does for loads of people! 

BM: What’s next for George Eve going forward? 

GE: I’m gonna record a new song in London and then I’m gonna travel, work and continue to write and release new music.

For more on George Eve, find him on his socials @georgeeve

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