Rhett Nicholl dazzles with his latest new single ‘Hold On’

Hailing from North London; last month, rising artist Rhett Nicholl returned with the release of his latest new single ­Hold Ona dazzling new offering produced by Felix Joseph and showcasing Rhett’s skilled and unforgettable vocals. His first release of the year and following on from his 2020 EP OMERTA, Rhett continues to showcase his artistic skill and talent and further place his stamp on the industry; continuing to position himself as a rising artist to watch.  

“Hold on” is about not managing expectations in spite of fair warning, the point of transition in a problematic relationship from being all in and desperately trying to make it work into resentment, anger and apathy. It was written in two halves at the beginning and end of this transition with the first verse predicting the course of events and the second verse looking back with that clarity that comes from cutting ties.”

A truly breath-taking single, Hold On sees Rhett deliver a vibrant and mesmerising performance that feature his enchanting vocal cadences tinged with gospel and soul influences. Opening the track is a gentle and ambient acoustic instrumental that brings us deep into the song’s sonic world. Maintaining the stripped back and atmospheric energy and stylings throughout; Rhett’s emotive and bold vocals emerge onto, and place themselves at the forefront of the sonic landscape, before the melody slowly and subtly builds to incorporate some rhythmic percussive elements. Short but sweet at just over two and a half minutes, the track is a truly immersive sonic experience that feels like it’s over much too soon.

Accompanying the single, Rhett also released a brand new ethereal and evocative music video, directed by Melody Maker, that makes for a perfect addition to the single. A simple and intimate creative offering, the visual uses a mass of strong imagery and symbolism that adds a new layer to the meaning and sentiment behind the track. With a poignant and emotive delivery from Rhett, the video comes together in a collection of bold cinematic and hypnotic visuals that follow him at home, amidst a collection of illustrations and bold imagery, as he performs the song. 

With Hold On marking the start of the next chapter for Rhett and the promise of more new music to come, we are sure to be in for a world of incredible new releases from the talented artist in the year ahead. Keep up to date with Rhett on his socials here, new music and live shows – @rhettnicholl

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