Mimi Webb delivers her new single ‘24/5’

Firmly placing her mark on the music scene this year, with 2021 undoubtedly being rising star Mimi Webb’s breakout year; following her emergence onto the UK pop scene, with the release of her debut single Before I Go last year, the UK-based singer-songwriter continues to share her captivating music with audiences all over. And earlier this month, she came back with her latest new offering, her brand new single and accompanying music video – 24/5. Marking the start of a brand new chapter in her journey, 24/5 boldly sets the stage for what’s to come next from the talented artist in the form of her debut EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak which is set to drop late next month. Showing no signs of slowing down, make sure to stay tuned for all the new music from Mimi Webb. 

A vibrant and emotive pop-led track, 24/5 delivers classic Mimi Webb energy with its bold and mesmerizing soundscapes that are accompanied by her impressive vocal range and powerful performance. Infusing her charming and infectious personality into all her music, she pairs sky-scraping runs and epic vocal talent with raw and candid lyricism to create something that is both poignant and uplifting, while being uniquely her. On the track, soft piano instrumentals draw you in from the very beginning as they play out gently beneath Mimi’s intimate delivery; blending together in perfect harmony. As the song plays out, rhythmic percussive beats and subtle synth-style elements are gradually interwoven into the soundscape as we hit the highs of the chorus and Mimi’s vocals soar on the addictive hook. Alongside the release, Mimi also dropped some brand new visuals for 24/5, directed by Samuel Douek. Stunning and cinematic, the video sees Mimi performing the track against a range of minimalistic backdrops. Simple, yet utterly captivating, the visuals also see Mimi alongside some incredible dancers and fantastic choreography, with them all delivering a performance just as impressive as Mimi’s vocals. 

With exciting new music on the horizon, make sure to keep up with the latest news and releases from Mimi Webb and her upcoming EP, Seven Shades of Heartbreak, out next month – @mimiiiwebb

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