Introducing The Taylor Twins

Making their re-emergence onto the music scene this year after emerging as Butterfly in 2020, twin duo Ollie and Eddie Taylor are back with their brand new artist project – The Taylor Twins. Sharing their debut single Lost All The Summer earlier this year, they have been capturing the attention of listeners all over with their enchanting artistry that features an array of vibrant harmonies, indie-led guitar lines and honeyed melodies; all placed seamlessly alongside their skilled lyricism. Delivering a real punchy and energizing vibe, the pair explain how their philosophy is simple: “Music is there to entertain, to provoke, to thrill and to give people something they crave. So why not give them a real show?”. With new music on the horizon, we caught up with the duo to chat about all things music and what we can expect from them next. 

BM: Hey guys, how are you? How has the year been for you so far?

TT: This year has been very productive for the both us in terms of writing! Obviously hit with a big lockdown in January, we took the time to finish an ever growing pile of song ideas, feeling in a good place at the moment!

BM: How did you guys first get into music and what’s your best, or most significant,

musical memory?

TT: We’ve always shown a passion for it since a very young age, and it just seemed like that would be a natural progression for us both to follow. We started on different instruments but slowly over the years became multi instrumentalists and now for the most part play everything on our recordings! apart from the odd live cello! 

BM: Hailing from just North of London; how would you say the local, and London, music scene has influenced your artistry?

TT: The London music scene has influenced our freedom in how we write music and express ourselves! There’s a lot of good friends of ours making great music around us, which is brilliant but also adds a bit of healthy competition. 

BM: Earlier this year, you introduced us to your exciting new artist project with the release of The Taylor Twins Intro. A short but sweet 1:09 long track, what was the inspiration and meaning behind the song?

TT: It was an idea we had knocking around and we felt that we wanted to introduce ourselves musically in a care free, humorous way. We asked our friend Larry in Los Angeles to talk at the top of the track like he was introducing a band on stage at a rock club! LA 1970s Vibe!  

BM: You’ve also recently dropped your single Lost All The Summer, congratulations! Can you talk us through the creative and production process?

TT: It was written just before Covid 19 struck, so it happened to be a very fitting message for the time we are in. Truthfully it’s taking opportunities and missing out on experiences that you have when you’re a teenager. We recorded it all at home during the first lockdown, written and recorded basically at the same time. 

BM: A really vibrant and atmospheric track, perfect for the summer; what’s your favourite way to listen to Lost All The Summer?

TT: On a long journey, so when it’s finished you can listen to it again! Hahaha 

BM: Are there any artists you would love to collaborate with going forward?

TT: A couple artists we’d love to collaborate with would probably be Sparks, that would definitely be something humorous, and Jeff Lynne from ELO

BM: How do you find it, releasing music and being an emerging artist during these times?

TT: On one hand it’s very liberating taking charge and doing everything ourselves, definitely feel very free creatively, but on the other hand it can be very challenging when you don’t have the large audience exposure a label can help you with, festival appearances or being plastered on billboards in London for example! 

BM: What are your main goals and aspirations when it comes to your music and artistic


TT: Well we both just want to create a sense of excitement and joy from the music we create! But personally, we’d love to experience going on our own tours and seeing some amazing places in the world! A real crave for adventure! 

BM: What are you most excited about for the rest of 2021?

TT: We are very excited to play our headline show on November 24th at Sebright Arms in Hackney, London. We’re going to bring the lights IN and dress the venue in a really cool way if possible! Really make it a show to remember!

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