Moyka unveils the music video for her latest new single ‘Illusion’

Rapidly building up an impressive presence on the music scene since her debut in 2019, rising Norwegian artist and self-proclaimed pop witch Moyka has already racked up an impressive 6.6+ million streams on Spotify alone. Forging her own path, Moyka has captivated listeners all over with her unique and signature sound of melodic pop; perfectly fused together with enchanting, icy vocals and an expertly crafted electro-synth led production. With new releases and the next step of her exciting musical journey on the horizon, we can expect more new music from Moyka this year in the form of her debut album release this fall. However, in anticipation of the upcoming project, Moyka is back today with the release of her latest new offering – her brand new single, Illusion

Following on from her earlier 2021 singles: DecemberI Don’t Wanna Hold On and Stay; Illusions is a glimmering mass of dreamy electro-pop that is a perfect blend of up-tempo, melodic pop beats and dazzling electro vibes that gives the track a unique, atmospheric and ambient energy, creating something completely original and utterly addictive. And above the blissful din, and symphony of vibrant sounds, Moyka’s bold and enchanting vocals ring loud and clear at the forefront of the sonic landscape; captivating and heart-felt. Juxtaposing the bright and effervescent instrumental, the song delivers a narrative all about falling for someone whose public image disguises their deceit; leaving you in a mix of both emotional tears and dancing for joy.

“When I have a crush I tend to daydream and make up stories in my mind about meeting and being around the person that I like. In this song I wake up from the daydream to only find it was an illusion. Sometimes love happens like that. It’s quite naive, but that’s what makes me love it so much.”

Moyka talking about ‘Illusion’

Accompanying the release, Moyka has also dropped some stunning new visuals alongside the track that further emphasize the song’s narrative as it paints a picture of deception, duplicity and emotion. Bold and cinematic, the music video is filled with light and airy visuals that are perfectly characteristic of the self-proclaimed pop witch.

A taste of what’s to come, and what we can expect next from Moyka; she is no doubt set to dazzle us with more incredible music and releases over the next year and is certainly a current artist to watch. So be sure to keep up with her on her socials: @moykamusic

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