Hide And Seek by Freddie Long

An undeniable talent and rising force within the music scene, Brighton singer-songwriter Freddie Long has been dazzling audiences with his signature vocal sound and ability that is not one to be missed. Having amassed over 5 million streams since his music debut in 2019; Freddie is back and better than ever this year, embarking on the start of a brand new chapter in his musical journey. Now following on from his earlier 2021 releases; last month, Freddie delivered his latest new offering in the form of his brand new single – Hide and Seek. Delving deeper into more emotionally revealing narratives, and delivering a bolder and more atmospheric sound, this is the latest taste of what we can expect going forward from Freddie with his upcoming third EP Motions on the horizon. Following the release, we caught up with Freddie to chat all about the single, life over the past year and a half, and plans for live shows. So keep on reading for the full interview with Freddie Long down below.

BM: Can you give us an insight into your journey so far?

FL: Yeah so I’ve been writing and playing live for around 5 years now. It was a slow start as I didn’t start playing guitar till 17 and didn’t go to a music collage so moving to London was a new scene. I then started putting music online which got some traction which lead me to meet new collaborators/ creators. From then to now I’ve have signed with Sony distribution and releasing through my label Banana Split Records. 

BM: What is the most poignant and stand out memory you have from your musical journey to date?

FL: There’s been a few but recently I played my first few shows back after 2 years and that was something special. The energy people bought into the room was something I’ve not experienced before. Was mental. 

BM: Do you remember your first experiences of song writing and what inspired you to delve into music as a craft and creative outlet?

FL: Yeah, I had just learnt the guitar chords on some painful YouTube tutorial and thought I’d give it go. It was called ‘Darling’ and just went round and round singing ‘Darling’ haha. I like the fact you can express yourself in different ways, through the music and visually without anyone judging you. 

BM: How have you been managing to stay motivated and creative over the past year and a half, and where have you found yourself reaching for inspiration from?

FL: It’s been tough but learning to live with it helped. Finding inspirations through chatting with friends, family and just in general trying to stay active with things that interest me. 

BM: You’ve most recently released your latest single Hide and Seek, congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about the track and the inspiration behind it?

FL: Thanks so much. This song is probably the most personal on the EP. I recently went through a break up and it reflects that. Coming out of the situation and thinking maybe you didn’t give everything you could’ve. 

BM: What were you wanting to say with Hide and Seek, and how does the track compare to your previous releases?

FL: I think compared to the previous release it’s more slower and defiantly more stripped with production. I wanted the message of the song to be the main focus. 

BM: Can you walk us through the sonic composition of Hide and Seek?

FL: It took me and producer Anders Hojer a while to get this one right. We kept wanting to add more production but as time went on we released that the song just didn’t need it. We wanted to musically joinery to grow with the song. 

BM: What are some positives you have experienced over the past year despite all the craziness that has gone on? 

FL: That we’re all in this together and the positivity of people can pull us all though anything.

BM: With things opening up again, what can we expect from you in terms of live shows and events?

FL: Many more hopefully. We just finished a small run off headline shows in the UK which sold out so the plan is to get back ASAP. 

BM: Where are you hoping to take your musical career next?

FL: I’ve got the EP coming later this year and then there’s talks of an album, which is mental. But right now the focus is the EP and getting some live shows going.

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