Rising Star Izza’s new track is “Too Hot”

Hailing from Los Angeles; rising, multi-talented pop singer, songwriter and producer Izza has been firmly placing her mark on the music scene since the release of her debut single 405 last year. Inspired by her Californian upbringing, her artistry delivers a captivating and vibrant energy; featuring gritty pop soundscapes and unapologetic, empowering lyrics. And now, delivering the latest in her series of 2021 releases, and following on from her latest track LAX to JFKIzza is now back with the confidence boosting anthem that many of us need as she dropped her brand new single, Too Hotlast week. 

Delivering music that brings with it a common thread of empowerment and self-discovery, Too Hot is certainly no exception. Delving into a narrative all about being confident and ignoring the negativity of other people’s comments and opinions, Too Hot brings listeners into a vibrant and up-tempo dance-pop soundscape that is filled with rhythmic electro-synth elements and addictive percussive notes. Alongside the glimmering melody, and above the instrumental, are Izza’s captivating synth-style vocals that perfectly pair with the accompanying sonic landscape. 

Ending the year on a high note, we can expect another incredible year from Izza as we head into 2022, and prepare for more fantastic new releases from the talented artist. With an exciting journey ahead, make sure to keep up with Izza, and all her latest music news, on all her socials: @izzaroze

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