Birdy Is Back

After Two Years, yes TWO Years, Birdy is back with her new single “Keeping Your Head Up” from her new album which is set to be released in the coming months.


Birdy has been co-writing music since she released her 2nd album “Fire Within” in 2013. She has collaborated with the likes of Rhodes on the hit song “Let It All Go” and David Guetta on “I’ll Keep Loving You”. However it wasn’t until late 2014 which she began writing and recording her 3rd studio Album in London.

Her new single from the album was released on the 1st January 2016 being written by Birdy, Wayne Hector and Steve Mac; it is simply stunning. Have a Listen here:

Birdy has shifted away from her original heart felt tones to a more upbeat genre as has been seen with much of the music industry and chart toppers recently. She has taken on board the need for her music to be tweaked and to fit more into chart trends stating that “It’s a side to me you haven’t heard before and I really hope you like it”.

It’s a superb move by Birdy as she has still kept the meaningful sense of the track in terms of the writing and producing experience but has added something extra which you cannot fault. It suits her musical progression for the future and from us we support her entirely.

We are very excited for the release of the album as is Birdy:

“My whole heart has gone into these songs and I can’t wait to share them with you”.

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