Sarah Walk – The Boutique Stage @ Pride

Sarah Walk – The Boutique Stage @ Manchester Pride

When typing “boutique” into a Google search it simply shows the definition of a store selling something fashionable or one which sells specialized goods. It is this element of something special that we first noticed from Walk’s work earlier this month and which led us to see Walk live last weekend at Manchester Pride on the Sackville Garden Boutique Stage.


What can we say….. Not only did Walk’s live performance live up to our expectations but it went beyond this. The passion which Walk puts into her music and the performance is something we’d never really experienced before, from the sheer emotion in each lyric to her understated piano skills; we were left wanting more. 

Walk played a short set of around 5/6 tracks from her set-list, this included:

Let Me Try, Maybe Someday, Keep on Dreaming, Wake Me Up and Prettiest Song.

One of the tracks Walk performed in the middle of the set was “Prettiest Song” which we had previously read about but never heard. It was something totally different from Walk’s usual tracks as was more up an upbeat number, but again we believe it complemented the set list well. Earlier in March this year Walk commented on the story behind the track in an interview with Nils Van Der Linden for Graffiti. Punctuated:

I think I was like 15 when I wrote that one; it was my first love and this was a song for her. I didn’t end up finishing it for years though, it was only one verse and a chorus –  probably because we broke up. But then when I got to Berklee I played it for my bass player and he told me I had to finish it. So I wrote the second verse like eight years later. Sometimes you need a lot of space to get perspective on something.

During the set Walk paused for a short time to talk with the crowd and announced that her Album would be released in January/February 2018. We later caught up with Walk after her set and dug a little deeper to find out that not only would there be a new album, but it will be 12 tracks long. 

Walk finished off the set with her latest release “Let Me Try” which we covered in a previous article last month, it didn’t fail to disappoint live. Have a listen here:

When asked in the interview with Nils Van Der Linden how live performances have helped Walk grow as a live Artist, Walk replied with the following:

I just hope people leave feeling like they saw something real.

From our point of view Walk’s performance on the Boutique stage was something very special and one which we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. You don’t often find an Artist whose lyrics feel so relatable and understanding.

Have a listen to some of Walk’s tracks here:

If you ever get the chance to see Walk live we cannot recommend it enough, check up to date with shows via her website here:

Twitter – @Sarah_walk 

Facebook – SarahWalkMusic


Posted By Andrew Bottomley


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