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“I’m not going to let anybody tell me I can’t have it” – Lauv

“I’m not going to let anybody tell me I can’t have it” – Lauv

June 1st not only marked the midpoint of 2018 but also saw the day Lauv released his completed playlist to his eager following titled “I met you when I was 18.” (The Playlist); and what a day it was. Now…. If you are planning to read any further but haven’t yet heard the playlist you need to stop and head over to Spotify right now to listen:

Now I’m guessing after listening you’re hooked and have already found your new favourite track to have on repeat again and again. So here’s a little background on the talented 23 year old who is Lauv.

Lauv old

Lauv was born in San Francisco in 1994 but it wasn’t until 2015 that he really made his mark in the industry with his release of “The Other”. In order to understand the story behind his singles and latest release its worth jumping back to Lauv’s college days in NYC where he quotes he really found himself and worked out who he wanted to be. Lauv attended NYU to study music technology and during this interned at various music studios. In a recent interview with Elvis Duran Lauv talks of his aspirations growing up in knowing that he wanted to be an artist from a kid. However it got to a certain point in his life when starting college where he started to doubt himself and didn’t actually think it was right for him after all; he had made the decision that he wasn’t good enough. Half way through college he then realised that it was truly what he wanted and that he wasn’t going to let anyone tell him he couldn’t have it. It was this combination of being in NYC, attending NYU and interning at studios that gave him the energy and drive to have the confidence to be an artist.


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Now to the music and the story behind it. From a young age Lauv had an interest in relationships and began to pen tracks solely orientated around relationships and love. The motivation behind his most recent album started in NYC when he met his first real love, the relationship ended and led to a 4 year period of writing which has culminated into his latest album release. Speaking recently Lauv described the album release as a great feeling as it had been a long time coming and all part of the same story of falling in love; “a lot of emotion in one”. Most people would shy away from this spotlight on the more personal aspects of life but Lauv described this vulnerable feeling as freeing, being honest and in the moment.

So why the change from writing and producing tracks for others, such as “No Promises” by Demi Lovato & Cheat Codes, to writing and releasing for himself. Lauv was asked this question in recent interviews and can only put this down to the connection with the tracks he had begun to write in the years following college. The songs had become so personal that he couldn’t bear to see them given away to another artist.

This connection really came through on his first single “The Other” in which he describes the process as being so different writing it for himself to any other track previously. He felt raw, real and vulnerable and so giving it away to another simply wasn’t an option. With no expectation of success and the option to give the track away out of the question, Lauv released “The Other” in 2015. The track hit the Global Top 100 on Spotify and went viral. The track currently has over 165 million streams on Spotify alone and is one of our favourite releases to date. This success saw Lauv continue to write for himself and really confirmed his path as an artist.

Lauv OT

This followed in 2017 with the release of “I like me Better” which was inspired by his relationship after he moved to NYC. Speaking about the track Lauv commented how the track just happened and began to write itself whilst playing with a new Synth he’d bought. The track is about being young, the beginning of a relationship and falling in love. This emotional connection with his tracks is still one which exists today, many emotions still fresh each time a track is performed which for us is the sign of a genuine and true artist.

A live performance of the track can be seen here on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Even in a live performance Lauv doesn’t hold back, producing live on stage with his pad arrangement, clearly in the moment and connecting with each lyric. Two sections we really picked up on, skip to 2:58 & 3:12 for some of the best vocals and connection. A point we couldn’t miss out here… this guy has some moves!

So what are our favourite tracks from Lauv’s latest release:

  1. The Other
  2. Comfortable
  3. Reforget
  4. Paranoid
  5. Enemies
  6. Question
  7. Chasing Fire
  8. Adrenaline
  9. Never Not

If you liked the playlist its worth checking out the other tracks Lauv has featured on or covered live, here are our three top picks:

Lauv was asked to be the vocalist on the track “A Different Way” by DJ snake. The track was co written by Ed Sheeran and this led to Lauv opening Sheeran’s Divide Asia Tour.

So that brings us to the end of this short piece on Lauv. If you wanted to catch this incredibly talented writer, producer and performer check out his Tour dates here.

When asked to describe his music in one word Lauv replied “romantic”, and all the team here at Busk Music can’t agree more, we have fallen in love with his music and can’t wait to see him live in 2018. At only 23 years old, we can only imagine what the rest of 2018 & 2019 has in store for this talented guy, we’ll be following it the whole way and supporting as much as we can!

Make sure to keep up to date with Lauv here:


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