Dirty, Crunching Riffs… Introducing The Pale White

Dirty, Crunching Riffs… Introducing The Pale White

If you’ve heard of this band already, it’ll be because of the countless times they’ve supported some huge names. If you haven’t, prepare yourselves: The Pale White are just about to take the rock world by storm.

Looking at various festival lineups across the next year, it’s always a shock to see The Pale White so low down. They’ve supported The Amazons, We Are Scientists and Twin Atlantic, Maximo Park and The Libertines to name just a few, cementing themselves as the best band on the support circuit right now who need that step up. They’re from Newcastle so have that northern heritage of so many successful bands and they’ve got a couple of EPs under their belt since their first big release on Spotify in 2016.

‘Peace Of Mind’ is a personal favourite which encapsulates everything that makes them fantastic. Beginning as a strong but standard rock song, we get a taste of their dirty, crunching riffs and Adam Hope’s lead voice has an ever so slightly bluesy, laddish vibe to it which makes it clear he’s got a lot of stories to tell with the band. After a couple of minutes, the song moves to what makes The Pale White so good. The riffs intensify and the effect the have on the listener follow suit. The main riff of the song is repeated a few times but slowed down slightly on each occasion, which ironically makes you fall in love with the music faster and faster. Hearing it live is enough to make anyone become infatuated with guitar music, it’s just a shame that so far most of their crowds have been for someone else.

As well as Adam and his brother Jack on drums, the band also features Tom Booth on bass and the project began when Adam returned home and was armed with enough material and determination to make a serious go at creating a band. It’s too early to say obviously, but their relentless work across the past couple of years is a positive sign for anyone worried about the Oasis effect in bands of brothers.

They cut their teeth performing in support slots in their native Newcastle, before expanding both travel distance and venue size. Sold out headline slots soon began coming their way and they teased a new tour announcement a few days ago.

The first song of theirs to feature on Spotify was ‘Second Place’ which proves how the band have advanced. Their music used to easily fall into the category of indie rock (with a slightly darker vibe to it), but over time they’ve moved into the dark, grungey, dirty rock not dissimilar to heavyweights Muse (in the Supermassive Black Hole days), Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age.

The second song on Spotify, ‘That Dress’, is currently their most streamed song at over 2 and a half million streams and was also the first song I listened to. It makes a great first impression and has a catchy chorus that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head.

Moving forward to the present date, new EP Take Me To The Strange was released in November and has already accumulated over one million streams. They’ve had support from BBC Radio 1 (Huw Stephens premiered their track ‘Loveless’), NME (“one of UK rock’s most thrilling newcomers’), This Feeling (“absolutely nothing not to love”) and more.

The band may still be new, but they know how things work. Debut single ‘Reaction’ was produced by Adrian Bushby who has worked with aforementioned Muse and the Foos.

Is there any more proof you need that they’re going to be big?

The Pale White’s Socials:

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Written by Oscar La-Gambina.

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