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One to Watch for 2019: Grace Carter

One to watch for 2019: Grace Carter

With heart wrenching and raw vocals, Grace Carter is easily tipped as our one to watch for 2019. Carter, 20-years-old, is a soul singer & songwriter currently signed to TAP Management, the same management as Dua Lipa.

Grace grew up in Brighton listening to the likes of Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone, which is evident in her powerful songwriting, as it shows emotional and musical maturity. Her Grandfather gave her a guitar at the age of 13 so she began songwriting during school and was performing by 14. At the age of 15 she had converted her bedroom into a makeshift recording studio and when she attended music college she taught herself piano via YouTube. Her debut EP was released in May 2018, armed with emotionally exposing songs and a once-seen-never-forgotten live presence.

Off her EP, ‘Why Her Not Me’ is accompanied by a powerful video of her younger self and her growing up whilst questioning the actions of her father. Grace says ‘I wrote this song about my father choosing another life over raising me. This video represents the literal and emotional journey I took, only to find out he wanted them and not me. Everyone can relate to the feeling of not being good enough and the frustration that comes with that.’

Music allowed Carter to express her frustration and confusion of growing up with her single mother and the angers towards her father. Her debut single “Silence” is true heartfelt and expressive piano pop.

The incredibly catchy “Ashes” reveals the soul influences in her voice accompanied by a deep bass hip-hop backing track. The song was produced by Beyoncé collaborator Mike Dean. Her Colors show of the song lights up the beautiful tones of her soul voice. Check it out here:

Having previously supported the likes of Dua Lipa & Haim, Carter recently finished her first European Headline Tour which kicked off in Manchester to finish two weeks later in Cologne. The tour was packed full of emotion and each night was filled with a new sense of belief in her own work and lyrics re sang each night; some even bringing the young artist to tears.

Grace has been praised for her raw energy, themes of abandonment clashing with her understanding of her own self-worth, her vocals pushed to the front of the mixes so that this internal tussle becomes your own. Grace is set for great things in 2019 and we can’t wait to see what this incredibly talented women produces for our ears and minds.

If you haven’t already…… have a listen to Carter’s work here:

Carter’s Socials:

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Written By Tilda Gratton


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