With an indie-alternative vibe infused with some more uptempo synth beats, and new music on the horizon for 2019; Norwegian artist, producer and singer-songwriter Ruben is definitely one to watch out for this year. With a voice reminiscent of Mumford & Sons and Ben Howard, and beats reflective of fellow Norwegian DJ, Matoma; Ruben’s sound is something both familiar and at the same time entirely different. And one that we are sure to be hearing a lot more of this coming year. 

Ruben’s journey began back in 2017 with the release of his debut single Walls at the end of October. It was with this track; its catchy melodies, up-tempo dance beats and thought-provoking, relatable lyrics, that Ruben instantly began gaining attention. Within the past year, he has already passed 20 million streams on Spotify alone! Working as the perfect break out single, the track beings with a slow, acoustic melody where we hear Ruben’s smooth and harmonious vocals; with song then developing into a more up-tempo, mainstream track with an incredibly catchy synth/dance beat. A few months later in February 2018, Ruben then released Walls (Naked Edition); a  stripped back, indie version of the track. This gave the song a brand new energy and meaning, with the new melody and slower tempo being more reflective of the lyrics and the tracks overall meaning and deeper interpretation. Following this, he then released his highly anticipated second single The Half a few months later on June 15th. This had a similar inde-alternative sound as Walls (Naked Edition), but with a more uptempo vibe and some darker dance beats. This is another track that reflects Ruben’s incredible song-writing skills and incorporation of deeper messages and nuances into his lyrics and music. 

However following on from two incredible singles, Ruben has just released his latest track in time for the new year, setting of 2019 right! His newest single Lay By Me was released last Friday on December 28th and it definitely does not disappoint; presenting a new side to the talented artist. Completely stripped back and acoustic, there is such a raw and emotional energy to the track which perfectly reflects the lyrics, meaning and overall tone of the song as it deals with themes of love, loss, trials and strength. The song begins with a really gentle piano melody which is perfectly mirrored by the first line “I stripped it down for naked eyes,” with this really sweet-tempered and serene instrumental continuing throughout the track. The use of a stripped back and unassuming instrumental also really enables Ruben’s vocals to be the centre of attention, with there being many impressive runs and key changes (along with Ruben’s impressive vocal range) to focus on throughout the song.

It is towards the end of the track that we begin to get a greater sense of energy with the inclusion of an orchestral string instrumental which, accompanied by some more dramatic vocals, provides the perfect build and end to the track. Lay By Me is definitely more bare, subdued and low-tempo than any of Ruben’s other singles; but the incredible vocals and grand instrumentals make it a truly spectacular song to listen to. 

Definitely one to watch in 2019, with new music set to be coming soon, go and give Ruben a listen and check out his latest single Lay By Me which will undoubtedly have you all in your emotions. And don’t forget to keep up with the talented artists on social media so you can be one of the first to know when his next project and new music is set to drop! 

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Written By Stevie Carter

Busk Music Blog


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