Kehlani Returns To 2019 With New Single Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

It’s been around 10 months since we’ve heard new music from the R&B songstress, with her last official single being ‘Again’, which was released in February last year.

Kehlani hasn’t been totally of the radar though. She’s kept busy by featuring on a number of songs such as Cardi B’s track ‘Ring‘, KYLE’s ‘Playinwitme’ and duetted with Charlie Puth on his single ‘Done For Me as well as working with rap god Eminem.

kehlani #6

As a long-standing fan of Kehlani, myself as well as many others have finally got our fix back after she offered up her new track ‘Nights Like This‘, featuring R&B crooner Ty Dolla $ign. This new track delivers a strong sense of emotion, (as most of her music does), and it’s clear there’s a definitive theme surrounding the difficulties that come with relationships; Distant love, falling for lies time and time again, being blinded by love and so on – Themes I think we can all relate to, even if it’s on a basic level.

Kehlani’s angelic voice effortlessly glides over the track as she sings ‘You gon’ play with my emotions just because.. / ‘You gon’ get my hopes up girl‘, whilst Ty’s verse acts as a response to Kehlani’s, starting with ‘I’ve been way too good to you, you take me for granted..’. The duo accompany each other perfectly and it’s a wonder why this collab has never happened before but I’m sure everyone here is grateful it’s finally arrived!

The futuristic video that accompanies the song has a dark feel to it and sees Kehlani fixing up and showing her caring nature towards a broken robot before being transferred into said robots body.

Take a look below and see what you think:

Now as well as working with a strong line up of artists and releasing new music, there’s plenty of Kehlani related content/news to look forward to this year, as she revealed back in October that she’ll be expecting a little girl whilst at the same time revealing that she’s working on 2 new projects – One being a mix-tape which will act as a stepping stone to her second project, a new album!kehlani #9Kehlani never fails to impress me and much like the rest of her fan base, I’m highly anticipating these next two projects! *Make sure you haven’t missed out on her most recent tracks with this complete collection playlist*👇🔥

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Written by Conor McCarthy-Lusher

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