Live Review: Cherry Glazerr at Gorilla, Manchester

LA Punk trio Cherry Glazerr took over Gorilla with punchy riffs and hazey howling vocals with plenty of attitude.

Chester-trio Peaness open the show with a warm energy. A seriously great girl band, despite a rather un-serious name. Check them out for some serious slow-punk fuzz-pop dreaminess.

Frontwoman Clementine Cleevy runs onto the shage with her iconic shaggy bleached do in a cherry-red outfit accompanied by a Rapunzel-esque bassist and drummer that screams effortless cool. With a lineup consisting of a merely a drummer, bassist and singer/guitarist Cleevy, the richness of the sound is impressive. Cleevy has lead the band since she was in high school and at 22 her feminist anger has seemed to have peaked. Her way of executing this rage is through personal thoughts showcasing her insecurities. “Daddi” off the bands third album “Stuffed and Ready”, Cleevy ironically asks her metaphorical Daddy what to do as a satirical take on gender roles.

Cleevy tackles everything from fuzzy, warm guitars to jangly plinky sounds, and sure knows how to get a variety of sounds out of her Stratocaster. This is complimented by her soft vocals; a distinctive voice that echoes through the riffs sounding as if the guitars are in the next room.

Soft, colourful, sweet and fruity visuals are contrasted against raw and fuzzy guitars. Their sound has a heaviness that is executed even more in live performances which was really exciting to hear. The kitsch visuals facade the aggression and anger with plenty of furious feminism. This band clearly has a lot of it, as shown in “Stupid Fish” where frontwoman Cleevy screams “I see myself in you and that’s why I f*ckn hate you”. The way Cleevy jumps around, sings from all angles and dances with an almost Iggy-Pop feel is refreshing and exciting to watch.

“Self-explained”, Cleevy’s “favourite song to play live” is the pinnacle of Cherry Glazerr sounds, with catchy eloquent and delicate voice that really sinks into your head followed by an intense build up of guitars. The use of the drum machine and synth in the new album played live adds a new dimension to their sound, with the drummer layering rhythms over the drum machine harmoniously.

Cleevy asks the audience if they’re trash “like her” before breaking into the hit “Trash People” with mosh pits, one that the audience clearly really adores, especially when Cleevy is rolling around with her fans front row and jumping up and down. A cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “Losing My Edge” kicks off the encore with each member’s entrance staggered building hype among adoring fans.

Cherry Glazerr are the rock role models 2019 needs showing how anyone can start a band and the power that a good riff can have.

Cherry Glazerr continue to tour Europe this month and are playing a load of festivals this summer. Find out more here

Written by Tilda Gratton

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