Back with new music after the incredible success of their latest EP (an acoustic version of their debut EP Noon) and their hit single Woke Up Late (feat. Hailee Steinfeld) earlier this year; is the immensely talented band from New Zealand, Drax Project

With new music and their debut alum on the way, they released their latest single, All This Time, this Friday. An instant hit, the band are back with the signature Drax Project vibes we love; although they have added a slightly darker and bassier spin to this latest single. 

An incredibly relatable song, All This Time talks about that one person, situation or thing that you keep finding yourself coming back to, even if you didn’t necessarily mean to; but knowing how things will go, and what the inevitable end will be. And lyrics such as “I’m over the suspense/ But a part of me knows how this ends” highlight the predicability and cyclical nature of this situation that many of us are familiar with. 

I’m over the suspense/ But a part of me knows how this ends

With deep sax beats and a slightly more EDM feel, the upbeat track is filled with some incredible riffs and impressive harmonies, giving it that classic Drax Project vibe. Being an absolute favourite over the past year at live shows, fans have been waiting all this time for this track to drop, and it has definitely not disappointed. In classic Drax Project fashion, the acoustic live feel (reflecting the genuine and raw vocal and instrumental talent, the deep blues rhythm, and flawless falsettos)  is never lost in the studio version. 

So definitely give this incredible new track a listen, and watch out for new music coming soon from Drax Project. And until then, make sure to check them out on social media @DraxProject 

Written By Stevie Carter

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