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Introducing Aitch – How Does Success Taste?

Introducing Aitch – How Does Success Taste?

Aitch, the Manchester-born rapper brings a new face to the rap scene, with fresh sounding samples combined with staccato lyrics for a sharp and energetic sound that has brought him to the UK top 10 charts.

Aitch was born and raised in Moston, Manchester, which is clear from the first line of each track, with the unmistakable Manchester twang clear in his voice. And the Manchester scene is evident in Aitch’s lyrics. While many rappers use direct and on-the-nose lyrics, Aitch uses more humor and imagery that reflects the general vocabulary of Manchester. Coupled with beats using somewhat unpredictable samples over otherwise stark beats gives Aitch a uniqueness that is often missing with many rap artists. But this is not to say that Aitch lacks the energy needed for the style. His sharp lyrics are fired out in rapid bursts, syncing up with sometimes explosive beats.

Aitch | Busk Music

Still just 19, his already respectable audience is growing. After releasing a freestyle video on YouTube that reached over 100,000 views, his debut album ‘On Your Marks’ was released in 2017 on Spotify. It is seven tracks of rapid-fire lyrics spanning genres such as grime, trap, and hip-hop. He has already performed with major established artists and has featured on tracks with Bugzy Malone and Kay Rico. He is also billed to be performing on the Radio 1 Xtra stage at Leeds festival later this year. To top it off his Aitch20 UK Tour sold out in 7 minutes and further dates in December have now been released.

June this year saw the release of Aitch’s collaboration with Young T & Bugsey. This track recorded with the Nottingham artist has allowed Aitch to flex his skills further. It is a more melodic tune, where the two artists’ distinctive styles complement perfectly.

Just two months later Aitch dropped Taste. This might be one of his most impressive songs, with unrelenting lyrics over a simple, almost hypnotic beat. While he has constructed complex beats and samples on other tracks, this newest release is deceptively simple. The stark drums are combined with spacious bursts of samples for a surprisingly expansive and mesmerising sound. This has not gone unnoticed. Aitch has fought his way to the charts and is currently number 8 in the UK. Not bad for a 19-year-old Manchester rapper who started out self-releasing his freestyles online.


Aitch perfected the control of rhythm with his lyrics. On ‘Mario Kart’, the rhythm is constantly changing, with abrupt pauses and fast passages that make it an exciting track and a highlight of the album. The staccato and sometimes erratic lyrics match perfectly with the backing beats though, so avoids falling into the standard four-on-the-floor rhythms for a constantly changing feel.

His beats are based on minimalist drums, but with samples that add a complexity that is not often seen with some modern rappers. His humor seems to come through here, with the track ‘Mario Kart’ even using sound effects from the game. This use of unusual sounds is characteristic of Aitch’s style. And while unusual use of samples and beats is not that uncommon, Aitch stands out by using them without seeming gimmicky.

This is his strong point: using humor and imagery in his lyrics, with samples as unexpected as Super Mario, he creates an exciting sound without lessening the energy and aggression of the tracks.

After smashing his way onto the scene with his independent videos and strong freestyle skills, Aitch is surely one to watch. The young rapper has seriously proved his skills and gotten himself noticed by the big guys. He is only likely to get bigger, and no doubt we will be hearing more from him in the next few years.

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By Luke Boothman

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