“Hate Me”: Catching up with RESPONS

Following the release of his latest single, Hate Me; we caught up with rising hip-hop artist RESPONS. His first release of the year, we discussed everything from the latest track, to what we can expect from him musically in the next coming year. With an eclectic, unique and refreshing sound and vibe; RESPONS is deffinitely one of 2020s “ones to watch”, and will for sure make a fantastic edition to your summer playlists. Check out the full interview below!

BM: For those who aren’t familiar; how would you best describe your music, in terms of both the content and music itself?

RESPONS: I would describe my music best as just super honest, real life stuff, in a Hip Hop/Pop genre! Just things I’ve been through! 

BM: What’s the one thing people should know about you and your music?

RESPONS: Honestly, just that, I’m a bang average guy from a little town haha and that I think my music and I are a reflection of that reality. 

BM: Taking your latest single, ‘Hate Me’, you switch so effortlessly between rapping and singing; with incredible bars and vocals. Which would you say comes more naturally to you?

RESPONS: I would definitely always call myself a singer. I was for sure a bedroom rapper, who was very convinced I would get taken the piss out of for even attempting it. But, yeah it’s a vibe or sound that I’ve found for me that I really enjoy. 

BM: ‘Hate Me’ has had such great reception. What was the inspiration and motivation behind the song?

RESPONS: Honestly, just a really bad day! One day I wake up and can feel great about everything and some days the complete opposite. That day particularly I was just not in the best place and wanted to write something really honest about it. 

BM: You titled your incredible debut single, released last year, Therapy. Is that what music is for you, or how you see music; a form of therapy?

RESPONS: Oh yeah 100%. I mean of course music has so much more to it, but therapy can be when you’re in a good or bad place I suppose, so music is definitely that for me. 

BM: Are there any specific tracks, or particular artists, whose music you find particularly therapeutic?

RESPONS: “The Lost Boy” by YBN Cordae and “The Human Condition” by Jon Bellion are my go to albums for any mood. They just speak to me a lot and are two albums I can just keep going back to. 

BM: Earlier this month, you posted a freestyle rap over Jorja Smith’s ‘Blue Lights’ on social media – which was fantastic. Is Jorja someone you’d want to work with in the future?

RESPONS: Thankyou! Oh yeah 100%, she’s so great. Maybe one day! 

BM: So far, there have been no features or collabs on the singles you’ve released. Being both a singer and a rapper; for any potential future collaborations, would say you lean more to working with singers or rappers?

RESPONS: I’d be open to either for sure! I really lean more towards Hip Hop and Pop in terms of what I’m inspired by, but as I progress I would just love to work with a big array of different genres in the future. 

BM: Are there any music releases you’re looking forward to this year?

RESPONS: I’m really hoping Rihanna drops her album, that would make this year a lot better haha. I’d be really excited for some new Jon Bellion music. I would kill for some Frank Ocean but I can’t see that happening. 

BM: With everything that’s been going on this year, it looks like most Summer festivals are being cancelled. If you could headline, and attend, any music festivals; which two would it be?

RESPONS: Crazy times! It’s a shame but we will get through! For sure Glastonbury is the biggest dream! That’s just the pinnacle. Also, I would say Reading/Leeds because it was the first festival I went to when I was really young so that would be cool. 

BM: What’s your favourite part of the whole music process? The writing, recording or touring/performing?

RESPONS: Definitely the performing! It’s the best feeling to play what you’ve made live, but I love writing. 

BM: Where do you see yourself heading musically this year; and what can we expect in terms of music?

RESPONS: There’s an EP dropping very soon, so I’m really excited for that and then I definitely think I have the bones of my next EP, which I hope will be a slightly different direction! So until then, just gigging once the madness settles and continuing to write and build this thing!

Make sure to check out, and keep up to date with, RESPONS on social media @responsmusic

Posted By Stevie Carter

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