Respons – Virtually everything means nothing

This weekend, following on from his last single release Hate Me; Respons dropped his latest project, his debut EP Virtually Everything Means Nothing. As well as some familiar favourites, this project also features some brand new tracks that are exactly what we need to get through the quarantine struggle. In true Respons style, the EP features a perfect eclectic blend of stunning vocals and harmonies, along with solid beats and skilled rap verses. So definitely head over to your favourite streaming platform and give Virtually Everything Means Nothing a listen. 

This is an embodiment of the last few years of my life involving a lot of sweat, tears and Jack Daniels

Respons on Virtually Everything Means Nothing

The EP kicks off with the perfect intro track, Jack Daniels – Intro. A smooth, Jazzy, hip-hop vibe; this is the perfect track to introduce Respons’ unique, eclectic sound, and give a taste of what’s to come. Introducing some of the topics we hear running throughout the project; we get themes of religion, mental health, change and self-discovery featuring throughout the track. The vibe then shifts, to a more upbeat and hip-hop heavy sound, as Jack Daniels is followed up by Respons’ debut single release; Therapy. A chill, lo-fi track with an infectious and addictive rhythm and bassline; this acts almost as the antidote to Jack Daniels, as it looks at music as a solution to the trials and themes introduced in Jack Daniels, and as a form of therapy.  

Next up is Scars; another new song from Respons. An incredibly emotive and self reflective track, Scars is a positive and empowering track that is all about embracing the scars we all have. This is perfectly reflected in the various moods of the track; with an initial edge of sombreness, that’s ultimately overshadowed by an empowering and uplifting beat. This track was also accompanied by an additional music video released alongside the EP, that was filmed live from lockdown. And following on from Scars, we then have the two other singles off of the EP; Hate Me and Pray For Change

The next track, Blood Red, is the most unique and distinct song on the EP; with it taking a different tone and vibe to the rest of the project. With a move away from rap and hip-hop; we get a gentle piano instrumental running throughout, overlapped with some stunning vocals from Respons. Truly beautiful and soulful; with the stripped back melody and the absence of a rap verse, this track really allows Respons’ vocals to be at the forefront of the song and feature them in a way we haven’t heard so far. Highlighting his versatility as an artist, Blood Red is a stunning, unexpected, and perfect addition to the EP. 

Last but not least, the EP ends with Free – Outro; a gentle, chilled out, soul/Hip-hop track. The perfect song to end on, Respons brings the project to a close on a note of hope. Bringing everything full circle; Free takes the themes, stresses and struggles that are introduced in Jack Daniels, but with a new sense of healing and self awareness and becoming free from these burdens, rather than letting them overwhelm you. And as the song plays out, there are some stunning harmonies and vocals from an unknown female singer. 

For more on the talented Respons, check out the interview we did we him right here on Busk. And make sure to keep up to date with him on social media @RESPONSmusic

Posted By Stevie Carter

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