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Back at it again with new music! Following the release of his latest single,Rescue Mewe sat down with the talented singer James Gillespie to chat about his latest release, music and journey so far. This single comes as the first release off of his highly anticipated sophomore album; which I’m sure will definitely be worth the wait. Rescue Me is honest, vulnerable and reflective, perfectly accompanied by an indie gospel/soul melody and stunning vocals; and it takes a look at a broken relationship, with an honest realization of the mistakes you’ve made. So make sure to head over to your favourite streaming platform and give the track a listen; and keep on reading for the full interview with James! 

BM: For anyone reading who isn’t as familiar with you and your music; how would you describe yourself, and your music, without using the words ‘singer-songwriter’?

JG: Its a fall-out-the-mouth kind of music. Bluesy guitars and smoked out vocals. How’s that? 

BM: You just released your latest single, ‘Rescue Me’; a really beautiful track. Where did the inspiration for this track come from?

JG: It’s just about being in a relationship where you don’t deserve to be saved, but you’re still screaming out for it. Knowing that you’re just hiding out until it all explodes. 

being in a relationship where you don’t deserve to be saved, but you’re still screaming out for it.

James on Rescue Me

BM: What was it about ‘Rescue Me’ that made you choose it as the debut single off of album number two? And how do you usually go about making choices like that; and decisions such as which tracks go into a setlist, or makes it onto an album or EP?

JG: It’s a weird one. I basically figured that album two has some tracks that are pretty far away from the first album, so I didn’t want to drop that yet. I wanted to ease people into it. This also feels like the right start because it’s an incredibly important song to me, so only right to release something heavy at the start. 

BM: This is your first release off of your upcoming sophomore album! Can you tell us anything about what to expect from album number two; and how things may differ from your debut album, Safe.?

JG: I think I’m less safe with album two. Some of the songs will be bigger and badder. I’ll be featuring some other artists that I’m excited about too. 

BM: What have been the biggest differences in the writing and creating process between Safe., and your upcoming album?

JG: Nothing actually, hahahha. Just different part of my life I guess, but I’ve always written the same way. Let it all spill out. 

BM: With no collabs or features on Safe.; was this a conscious decision? Are there any artists out there at the moment you would love to collab with? And can we expect any features or collabs in the future?

JG: Nah not at all. I think it’s one of those things where I was so concentrated on making it that I didn’t really think about collabs. Plus no one knew me at all so getting them would have been hard hahahahaha. I would love to collab with artists like SlowThai, James Blake, Loyle Carner and maybe even someone like Mike Posner

BM: As well as your music, I also love the artwork you put out with your releases. How do you come up with the concepts for your album artwork, and who designs it?

JG: I do all the designs. I just sit and listen to the record and doodle things, whatever it makes me feel or think about. On this last release I collaborated with my friend and tattoo artist PSXT. I wanted to do something special for this one and knew he was the guy. Also we are working on something else together…..shhh…… so wanted to give people a taste. 

BM: Your music tends to have a real rawness, and innate vulnerability and honesty to it. How do you deal with releasing music that’s so real and honest; and putting that piece of yourself out into the world?

JG: Uff. I don’t! I struggle with it big time. I worry people will see too much, or know how fucked up I am inside. It’s weird. As soon as it hits people’s ears I crumble inside. 

BM: On your debut EP, Lost, you released it with both studio and live versions of the tracks; a really nice touch to the EP that allowed people to hear two sides to each song, and hear the songs with a real uncomplicated rawness. What inspired that move; and do the acoustic versions of your songs shed a new light or meaning on a track for you?

JG: For sure. I think when I play it acoustic it changes the song in some way. Sometimes it’s how they were written, so it takes it back to the start again. Also I think I get lost easier when I’m playing acoustic. I concentrate more on the lyrics than the music, which is good and bad hahahaha. Either way it’s different 😉

BM: Moving from Fuerteventura to London, and being on tour travelling; what’s that like as a creator and artist to move and transition into a completely new environment and surroundings? How much does travel, culture and your surroundings influence your song writing and creative mindset?

JG: Travel has been the only reason any of this has happened. Without moving to so many different countries none of this would have been written. I wouldn’t be me at all. I think it forces you to write, to think about your life and the lives of others. It also puts you in some pretty messed up situations and that’s how you find out who you are pretty fast. 

BM: What are your plans for the rest of 2020 music wise?

JG: PLAY. WRITE. PLAY. DRINK. WRITE. PLAY. PLAY. PLAY. WRITE. DRINK. DRINK. PLAY. Then disappear for a couple of months.

So keep up with James on social media @JamesGillespie/jgillespieinsta and his latest releases; and be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for when his sophomore album drops!

Posted By Stevie Carter

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