Following on from the release of his previous single, Rescue Mereleased earlier this year; singer-songwriter James Gillespie is now back with another incredible track as he heads towards the release of his highly anticipated second album. Released last week, James’ brand new track Run is filled with a gentle but powerful guitar based instrumentals, along side James’ distinctive and emotive vocals.   

Armed with just the electric guitar, James carries the full weight of emotion in this spacious, stripped back production; with it’s simplified composition, it enables the power and energy in James’ vocals, and the raw emotion of the track to really shine through.  Leaning heavily on his Blues influences; Run is a rousing affair that truly touches the very depths of the soul, as James’ much heralded gravely vocal performance commands attention and has you hanging on his every word and note. A follow on from his previous release, Recue Me, Run fits so perfectly into James’ discography. 

In addition to the track, James also released some stunning visuals to accompany the single. With a simple and elegant concept; the video sees James, armed with his guitar, performing the brand new single in an emotive and intimate performance. And there’s something about the minimalism of the performance that enables James’ vocals, and the raw energy and emotion of the track, to remain at the forefront and captivate you entirely.

So definitely keep an eye out for more new music, and the upcoming album from James, coming soon! For more on James and his previous releases, check out our interview with the talented singer from earlier this year, hereAnd find him on all his socials – Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

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