Today, we’re introducing brand new artist, Josie Proto. Perfect for fans of Lily Allen and Kate Nash; the rising singer-songwriter has been capturing a growing audience with her playful, catchy and loveable tracks. Describing her sound as ‘a Frank Turner/Kate Nash Love child’, Josie’s sound infuses acoustic vibes with a bit of bedroom pop; and definitely makes for a charming and entertaining listen. 

Beginning to carve out a path for herself this 2020, and even gaining the attention of Lily Allen herself; Josie kicked off the year with the release of her debut single, BTEC Lily Allen, in March, which garnered mass attention after going viral on Tik Tok and racking up over half a million views. With tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a quintessentially British vibe; the highly enjoyable and relatable track is all about not giving in to the hateful criticism, and learning to be your own number one fan.

She swiftly followed this up with the release of her next two singles, Sliced Bread and Burner; before delving into the release of her debut EP, Pub Songs: Volume 1, at the beginning of this month. An instant success, the EP went straight to Number 1 on the iTunes Pop Charts; and continues to capture Josie’s teenage experience through her classic, witty and amusing song-writing. Featured her previous releases, the five track EP also includes and additional two songs – Wales and 3 Words, which highlight Josie’s versatility, and takes us further into her world. Alongside the EP, each track also has an accompanying music video to go along with it; an as expected, they are witty, laid-back original. The perfect visuals for Josie’s sound and vibe.

So, with big things ahead for Josie Proto; head over to Spotify and give her brand new EP a listen. And to keep up with her journey, and all her latest and upcoming music; connect with Josie on all her socials, down below! 

Posted By Stevie Carter

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