Introducing Pryme kingz

Today, we’re introducing you to South London music collective, Pryme Kingz, who recently delivered their first official release of the year with their self produced track RNB, earlier this month. Pryme Kingz are a trio that consists of Freeze Pryme, La’al Pryme and Prelude DM.

Previously described as ‘urban pop’ Pryme Kingz described their distinctive new sound as “soundtracks to real life”. With a passion for diversity, the trio has developed their own unique, eclectic sound; fusing a variety of genres together, from Afrobeats and dancehall, to Latin and Traditional Native American music and more.

In their brand new single RNB, they join forces to pay homage to the RnB greats who came before them to create a nostalgic vibe for listeners, complete with Dancehall and Afrobeat sounds, and a special feature from Afro-RnB songstress, Shay La Rose.

I’ll go breezy, I’ll take you down

Let’s do it like it RNB yeah

RNB – Pryme Kingz

For a deeper listen to the rest of Pryme Kingz’ incredible discography; head over to Spotify, here, and give them a listen! And to keep up with them on all their socials, head over and check them out on their social platforms, linked down below!

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