Last month, UK band MIYA MIYA released their newest music video; brand new dramatic sci-fi visuals for their track, Cold Blood, taken off of their debut EP of the same name, released earlier this year in June. Cold Blood is about the uncertainty that comes with not knowing whether a tricky relationship is meant to be, or if it is simply being forced to work. For these visuals, the band worked with the award-winning director Bailey Tom Bailey to bring their vision to life of being stuck in this difficult situation, but also matching it perfectly to the strange times surrounding the pandemic. 

Outlandish science fiction, which, in the current global climate is eerily relatable; the music video is set in a nondescript testing facility where we see vocalists Gini and Jordan sealed within perspex containers, under watch by an undisclosed captor. Following their journey to freedom; after being liberated, the pair find that their escape grants them a much worse fate. A blend of futuristic science fiction and horror, the visuals are striking and haunting, reflecting the themes of captivity and containment that we’ve experienced during lockdown. 

With the track taken from MIYA MIYA’s recently released debut EP Cold Blood, a collection of five immersive, layered tracks embodying the four-piece’s anthemic stadium sounds (which has resulted in almost half a million streams so far); the band have been honing their craft, and have taken their first foray into truly showcasing their sound and aesthetic as a band. Taking their influences from artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Queen, blended with influences from contemporary artists like Imagine Dragons and The ChainsmokersCold Blood embodies a unique, powerful and distinctive sound, that I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of!

To keep up to date with all things MIYA MIYA, find them on social media @miyamiyamusic

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