Since 2017, Manchester singer [ K S R ] has been developing his sound and style as an artist, and evolving his unique blend of soul and R&B beats. Pushing boundaries, and finding his place within the music scene; his smooth melodies have been influenced by an array of artists, from Erykah Badu to Miguel, and more. Last month, the Mancunian singer came through with a brand new single – Stylin’. Continuing to explore a new direction, influenced by his love of Hip Hop; [ K S R ] took a stap away from his more traditional R&B/Soul roots to infuse a more distinct Hip Hop edge on the track. Highlighting his versatility as an artist, we still get his smooth vocals coming through on the single. Following this up, yesterday [ K S R ] released his latest new single – Don MadnessA teaser to his upcoming EP – Take Control, out next week; the track marks the one week countdown to the release. Following the release of Stylin’ we caught up with [ K S R ] to chat about the single, upcoming releases, and his journey in music so far.  So keep on reading for the full interview, down below.

BM: Tell me a bit about your music and yourself as an artist?

[ K S R ]: Well I believe my music is a reflection of who I am as a person. Subtle, warm and relaxed is definitely how I would describe my sound, which also kind of reflects on who I am. I’m very chilled, always got a smile on my face and I like to believe I’m a vibe to be around. Especially when I’ve had a few cups of Hennessy.

BM: How did you first get started in music; where did your musical journey begin?

[ K S R ]: I started singing from a young age. I was singing in and around the house from earlier hours of the morning till night. Singing at family functions and family members noticing I could hit a few notes. Eventually I decided to keep singing, developing my skills in school, joining a gospel choir and really learning how to use my voice. When I was 16 I decided to start my career as a musician, recording songs by myself and not knowing how to EQ or compress my vocals, but I still decided to release songs every month, even if they didn’t sound great but clearly they got attention of a few people, especially Children of Zeus.

BM: You just released your newest single, Stylin’. Tell me about the inspiration behind the track?

[ K S R ]: Stylin came around almost a year ago now. Myself and Litek had a few sessions together where we were making some great music and were able to create Stylin. At the time I was feeling inspired. I had just come back from a family holiday in Tanzania and just witnessing how life is in the beautiful country. Witnessing how a lot of people are accepting of who they are was just a great sight to see. Nobody could try and tell you who you are, they just knew already and owned it.

BM: What was the message and energy you wanted to project with Stylin’? 

[ K S R ]: BEING YOURSELF IS IMPORTANT!!! If you know you’re THAT person, then own it!

BM: What is your usual creative process like?

[ K S R ]: I’m used to having melodies in my head and I just record myself on voice notes. Then I would go to a producer and tell them the idea I was thinking at the time. Then a basic stripped back version of the track would usually be formed and then I would start writing lyrics. Whilst that is happening we start building on the tune.

BM: You also released an accompanying music video for the single! What was the filming and creative process like?

[ K S R ]: Working with Ben Wescott was a blessing. He was able to bring my idea to light. I’m not the best person at trying to form video ideas, but when I told him I wanted a similar vibe to the likes of Don Toliver, Gunna etc. he just knew what I was going for.

BM: We know you are proud of all the music you have released over the last few years. But if you had to choose one track which would be your favourite and why?

[ K S R ]: I definitely would say “Sweet”. The process was very different to how I do things now but it’s one of those tracks which I believe is timeless. Myself and Zac Schram have made loads of tunes together which might not see the light of day.

BM: Who are some artists who have inspired your musical journey and sound?

[ K S R ]: The likes of Miguel, Frank Ocean, D’angelo and Etta Bond have inspired me a lot over the years and have taken a step in influencing my sound also.

BM: What can we expect from your next, and upcoming, musical releases?

[ K S R ]: I definitely say that what I put out next is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Finding the right people to work with on this project was key for me, but I believe that it’s going to surprise a lot of people, so be ready.

BM: Where do you see yourself heading, and what are your main goals, as an artists, over the next year?

[ K S R ]: Looking down into the future I do see myself being a lot more experienced in the game, making the right moves and making the best music for myself, but also for my fans.

So definitely make sure to keep an eye out for [K S R]’s upcoming EP. And to keep up with all his latest releases and music news, follow him on all his socials – Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

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