Earlier this month, UK indie-pop band Fickle Friends came back with their newest release – their latest single, What a Time. Inspired by 80s synth-pop, What a Time merges alt-pop, dance and indie vibes into an uplifting rush of energy that’s hard to resist. Taken from their upcoming EP, Weird Years (Season 1); What a Time is the perfect introduction to the new project. Following the release of the new single, we caught up with Fickle Friends to chat about the track, staying creative during this crazy year, and their upcoming musical plans. So keep on reading for the full interview below!

BM: Tell me a bit about how you came together as a band, and your musical journey so far?

FF: We all became mates at uni! Natti was already performing under the Fickle Friends name, and we all just gradually became a part of the project. It sounded a LOT different back then! It was kinda more of an acoustic/alt rock vibe. But then started to organically evolve as it still is! 

BM: Who are some of your main musical influences and inspirations?

FF: Hmm, we all have a pretty varied taste but when starting out we bonded over bands like Paramore, Friendly Fires, Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club.  Nowadays, we grab inspo from all over the place. To be honest, we usually write our best stuff right after trawling through a noughties hits playlist. 

BM: Since releasing your incredible top 10 debut album, You Are Someone Else, in 2018; how have things changed for you as band, and how has your artistic style developed?

FF: We actually spent most of 2019 at home writing new music, and just experimenting with our writing process. As cliché as it sounds, I think taking the time away from constantly touring and playing festivals allowed us to mature as people. It gave us a second to breathe and spend time on the relationships that are easily neglected when on the road. Just growing up a bit, and figuring out what’s actually important in life and this shows in the new music. 

BM: You just released your latest single What A Time, earlier this month, congratulations! The first single off of your upcoming EP, Weird Years (Season 1); what made What A Time seem like the perfect introduction to the new project?

FF: Well we felt quite weird picking a song to release into this new world we live in. Everything just kinda felt irrelevant or insensitive. What A Time was the song that just encapsulated what we were all going through at the time, and we wanted our fans to be able to share that sense of escapism with us. 

BM: Tell me a bit more about What A Time, and the whole creative process behind the track. 

FF: What A Time was a really quick one! The whole track was written and recorded in a couple of days. Me and Natti were in the studio drinking wine and listening to music when the idea started naturally. We had ideas for the concept and melody first, then we spent the rest of the night just having fun with it, recording bits of guitar n percussion till it felt right. 

BM: With the track being an anthem for escapism, and touching on everything that’s happened over the last 8 months; how has this difficult period shaped or changed you as a band, and what have been some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

FF: Just like many others, It hasn’t been an easy year for us as a band. We had to cancel about 8 months worth of touring and releasing, and just go back to the drawing board and rethink everything. We’ve also been forced to face problems within our own lives, whilst trying to figure out how to keep the band going and moving forward. But ya know, that being said, theres no victory without effort so we’re channeling it all into our music. 

BM: Alongside the single, you also released a brand new music video for the track. Tell me a bit about the creative process for the video. 

FF: There wasn’t actually much of a plan for the video, we just knew we had to do it by ourselves because of lockdown. Natti and I took a camera, a light and a couple whisky’s out for a stroll to see what would happen! Then it was all about editing it all together in a way that complimented the theme of the song. 

BM: Filming and editing the video yourselves; is this something you can see yourself continuing to do for future music videos?

FF: Yeah, we’ll definitely make more like this! We’ve done a few videos by ourselves, but as fun as it is, we’re keen to do something on a bigger scale soon! 

BM: What are you most looking forward to about being able to tour and perform live again, which will hopefully happen soon?

FF: We’re SO keen to get touring again. It’s been so long, I’m genuinely excited for every part of it! Can’t wait to play these new tracks live, and just have some IRL human interaction! 

BM: What can we expect from for the rest of 2020, and from your upcoming EP, Weird Years (Season 1) 

FF: Ahh well we’ve got some more mellow/chilled vibes on this EP which is a change for us! But that’s not to say there won’t be some indie pop bops on there too! 

A pleasure to chat to Fickle Friends, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the release of their upcoming EP, Weird Years (Season 1). And to keep up with them on social media, find them on all their socials @ficklefriends

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