Premier: Joseph Kiernan – ‘vertigo/ little astronaut’

Making his musical debut earlier this year, with the release of his inaugural single The Bees Do Not Sleep; today, Irish singer-songwriter Joseph Kiernan releases his latest track Vertigo / Little Astronautalongside some stunning new visuals. Rapidly garnering a mass of success, and establishing himself within the music scene – with his sophomore single Strip The Vines already reaching over 22K streams on Spotify; Joseph is fast emerging as an exciting new artist to watch.

Developing and honing his artistic sound and style, Vertigo/ Little Astronaut brings together an eclectic blend of genres – from across pop, electro, indie and folk – to create a mesmerizing and intoxicating sound, that makes a perfect addition to his rapidly growing discography. Instantly drawing you into the vibrant and calming soundscape; the gentle and slightly melancholic instrumental is a colourful fusion of indie-folk balladry, glimmering beneath a layer of emotive and soulful vocals. And as the song progresses, the sonic landscape shifts to incorporate electronic elements; delivering a mass of warbling synths, before retuning to end on a stripped-back acoustic guitar melody. 

“I was making music to self-soothe. My closest friend was very ill and I was struggling with the inevitability of his passing. I was hibernating from the world out of necessity, and channelled all my sorrow and hopes into the record. The music really helped me to find meaning in all the uncertainty. I found listening back to the demos at the time very comforting. My hope is that others will experience the same.”

Alongside the new release, Joseph is accompanying the record with a brand new music video. Perfectly capturing and reflecting the ambient mood of the song, the music video delivers a stunning compilation of natural imagery; beginning with a picturesque aerial shot of a calming ocean scene. Maintaining this peaceful and scenic visual aesthetic, the video brings together a stunning montage of nature-based cinematography; interspersed with fleeting and distant appearances from Joseph himself. 

And with more to come from the talented singer, with his forthcoming debut EP set for release early next year; he is certainly showing no signs of slowing down. To keep up with his artistic journey, and all his latest music news and releases; find him on all his socials:


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