Charlotte Jane releases her brand new single ‘get it right’

Emerging onto the music scene last year, it was her debut EP Nowhere to Hide that saw singer Charlotte Jane establish herself as one of the UK’s exciting new artist to watch. Today, Charlotte is back with her second release of the year as she debuts her brand new single Get It RightWith a delicate and lavish new sound, “Get it Right is the anthem for the lightbulb moment when you realise your own self-worth and stop letting people string you along. It sounds sad but it’s actually empowering”, explains Charlotte. Ahead of the single release, we sat down with the talented singer to talk about the new track and her musical career so far. 

BM: For those who are just getting to know you and your music; tell us a bit about yourself? 

CJ: I’m 22 years old, born and raised in East Yorkshire in a town just outside of Hull. My favourite family member is my dog Mabel and I’m addicted to hummus.

BM: How did you start out on your music journey? 

CJ: I’m from a family of music lovers. I was heavily influenced by my grandparents who performed together. I learnt a lot of great old school soul and rock tunes from watching their gigs and used to crash the stage to get involved with their performances. 

BM: How would you describe your sound to someone that hasn’t heard your music before? 

CJ: I’d say it’s honest and vulnerable lyrics wrapped in a soulful vocal, tied together with dreamy harmonies and a spoonful of attitude.

BM: What’s been your most memorable moment in music so far, and what made it stand out for you? 

CJ: Probably when I was at the artist and managers awards last year and I got given a surprise award by Lewis Capaldi. He’d won artist of the year which included a prize of an all inclusive recording trip to Colombia. His schedule was too busy for him to go so he awarded it to me instead. It’s the most shocked I have EVER been. I was shaking for at least an hour afterwards and was just so blown away by his kindness tbh!

BM: What has been the boldest thing you’ve done throughout your music career? 

CJ: Maybe doing 110 shows last year? It was a joke between me and my managers in January 2019 saying ‘lol let’s try and do 100 shows this year’… then we actually managed to pull it off.

BM: How have you found this crazy year as an artist and creative?  

CJ: I found it pretty uninspiring for the most-part to be honest. For most of lockdown I stopped writing, singing, posting on social media etc. It just wasn’t making me feel good. I felt like a failure and just generally felt like the human version of a slug. However, I’d say since about August time, I’ve started to feel much more normal and started feeling mega creative again.

BM: You’re just about to release your brand new single, Get It Right! Tell us a bit about the track, and the inspiration behind it? 

CJ: Yes and I AM SO EXCITED. I’ve been clinging on to that song for 2 years. I’ve never stopped loving it. It just didn’t have the right ‘friends’ in terms of the other songs to join it on a body of work when me, Dayyon Alexander and Jeff Shum wrote it. I was basically really p***ed off the day I went into the studio after being let down again by a guy I really liked. He clearly wasn’t that interested and I knew it but for so long I didn’t have the self respect to walk away.

BM: What were you wanting to archive with Get It Right, and what are you hoping listeners will take away from the song? 

CJ: I think it’s easy to listen to the melancholic sonic of the song and just write it off as a sad tune. But, I actually find it really empowering and I hope that people listening feel that too. Lyrically, it’s basically saying ‘I should trust myself and my instincts from now on because I predicted that this situation would end this way’ which is a powerful thing to realise.

BM: What was the overall creative process like for Get It Right? 

CJ: Easy. Which is usually how it goes when I work with Dayyon and Jeff. They’re both geniuses. We found nice guitar chords, Dayyon and I stacked the backing vocal melody that you hear throughout the song. I literally told them the story about that guy and said the words ‘did I get it right? yup’ and it was clear straight away that was going to be the chorus tag. The rest just wrote itself.

BM: Are there any further upcoming projects in the works?  

CJ: Are there any further upcoming projects in the works? Well this single might just be the first of a little family of tunes coming out in the next few months…

An absolute pleasure to chat to Charlotte, make sure to keep up with her exciting artistic trajectory; and keep up with all her music news and latest releases on all her socials:

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